Clough Fields

Clough Fields, a long-established public right of way, is under threat.

Clough Fields Riding Stables

The new owners of the Clough Fields riding stables are trying to stop people from using a 20-30metre farmyard stretch of the roadway that runs from Back Lane to the footpaths that continue on through the fields to St Anthony’s Road, Mulehouse Park, and into Crookes.
The new owners are not contesting either the roadway or paths leading up to the stable yard, just the 20 to 30metre stretch of roadway that goes through the farmyard.

For many years Clough Fields Farm, Sheffield S10 5PY, was a collection of dwellings on the established road that ran from Back Lane into the yard. (map location 53.384737 -1.521654)

The law is, that the general public have a right of access on private land if the land was used as a public right of way in the past and/or the land was accessed by the public for at least 20 years and nobody has asked for access to be stopped over this period.

If you use this route and wish to comment on its closure, you can download the “rights of way evidence form” from the council site by clicking on this link – (In order to be admissible, they have to be hand-written).

Submit your completed formal application, “Rights of Way Evidence Form” to the Sheffield City Council or send it to Cllr. Ruth Milsom, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Sheffield S1 2HH, by early December.



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  1. I sent off one of these Right of Way Evidence Forms about this issue over a year ago when the barrier first went up but have not heard anything back from the council on this issue , should Ihave heard something by now? I heard about it from the Wonderful Walkley face group page that was encouraging those upset by the closure to send evidence forms. The new path around the back of the stable is not a good alternative as it is so boggy.

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