The government now class mobile telephones as an essential service and consequently telecoms operators can apply for compulsory rights to install and keep apparatus on another person’s property. This allows them to install and maintain telephone equipment without the landowner’s consent.

Earlier this year the CDYST was approached by a mobile telephone mast installation company to erect a mast on our field for better phone reception in this area and informed us that they would exercise their rights if they needed to, which means legally we are obliged to comply.

The mast company has now put in a planning application to the Sheffield City Council for an installation on our field and the decision for this now rests with the planning department. Should you wish to view the plans / details or put your comments, objections, approvals in writing for the planning department to consider, this can be done by logging on the Sheffield City council planning website before the deadline.

As always our priority is to offer and maintain the CDYST facility for the enjoyment of the local community and build up trusting relationships with everyone which we work very hard at. We are obviously concerned that some members of the public are against mobile phone masts being erected and yet others would welcome it.
We have no influence in the installation of the mast which puts the CDYST into a position where we can only be neutral and hope that everyone understands our situation.

On behalf of the CDYST trustees 
Dave Bolsover


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