Application Appeal Documents

The Plough (Home of Football)

You can now view online the Appeal Documents against the refusal of planning permission to demolish the Plough.

Send your comments by email to the Planning Inspector via:
The deadline for comments is August 19th 2021.

Sheffield is the home of modern football and “The Plough” played a viral roll in the formation of the game. Demolishing a building with such a significant history would be a huge loss, not only to the Crosspool Community, but to the city as a whole.

Save the Plough and it’s Sporting Heritage .


2 Replies to “Application Appeal Documents”

  1. I understand people want to keep the building for community purposes, my question is have they got the money to a) purchase the building b) maintain the property. Property is expensive to maintain. Currently the property is an eyesore. I would not object to planning permission to be granted to demolish and rebuild

    1. Rebuilding isn’t an option that’s available. It’s not an eyesore but has been deliberately neglected to persuade people who don’t care about the recent history or those of us anxious to retain a community asset, to adopt your position. If you don’t care, why bother posting? There was sufficient support for a fair offer to be made, but the prospect of fat profits for a developer* meant that offer was rejected. If the demolition is rejected that offer could be revisited. *Why do we allow those who damage communities they have zero interest in to call themselves developers?

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