Improve Your Health Through Exercise

As the current pandemic regulations are eased and we begin to come out of lock down, the Crosspool Forum recognises that maintaining physical fitness and mental alertness is now perhaps more crucial than ever.  To help ensure that we all make the most of the situation and we make an effort to follow the NHS exercise advice and guidance, to keep fit and healthy, we plan to restart both our Easy Exercise and Tai Chi classes.

Easy Exercise

Easy Exercise is a chair based exercise aimed at people who wish to either maintain or increase their Independence, with exercises to strengthen muscles and bones. Stronger muscles help to improve circulation balance and walking, making every day activities such as washing, dressing, shopping or doing house work easier and less of a strain.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a slow physical exercise ideal for improving relaxation, balance and overall health. These sessions are great for beginners and can really help you improve your strength and balance.
You don’t need any specific clothing; just wear something you’re comfortable in and non-marking footwear.

No need to book; simply come along to the Scout Hall, on Benty Lane, Crosspool.

  • Easy Exercise Class:
    Tuesday mornings 10:45 -11:45 from the Tuesday 8th June 2021
  • Tai Chi Class:
    Wednesday mornings 10:45 -11:45 from the Wednesday 7th July 2021

For more information contact Ian on 07713 687 955 or Steve 07902 022 950


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