Crosspool Christmas Compassion

A few weeks ago when Hayley Midwinter (a Crosspool resident)  was having her daily chinwag with Mo, the Big Issue seller outside the Spar in Crosspool, he told her that he had been robbed of his rucksack and coat etc. just after getting off the bus near to his home.

Hayley thought I must try to find something that would help to keep him warm.
Alas after a rummage through her attic and finding nothing that would help Mo out, she posted a request for donations on S10 Sales and Swaps and was absolutely dumbfounded by people’s trust and kindness when inundated with wonderful donations of clothes and money. One lovely, amazing, kind, unbelievable couple, who she didn’t know, knocked on her door and gave her £50! Her family couldn’t believe their trust and kindness.  

When these donations were presented to Mo at his spot outside the Spar he was astonished at the community’s generosity and was extremely grateful for the assistance he had been given. The lovely Crosspoolers who donated, made it a happy Christmas for Mo, his sons and family in Pakistan.

Moe outside the Spar

Happy New Year to you all!!


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