Carols in Crosspool

Joy Newbould, who works at the Charisma shop in Crosspool, has organised a Brass Quartet to play Christmas carols around the Crosspool shops, on Saturday 5th December.

Observing social distancing at all times, Joy and her co-musicians would love you to take this opportunity to enjoy listening to your favourite Christmas Carols with them.  

Having not been permitted  to fulfil any engagements this year, they are so excited to have this opportunity to play once again after the lockdown and are looking forward to bringing a bit of cheer to all you lovely people, who, by shopping locally, help keep Crosspool vibrant and inviting. If you would like a particular carol played please don’t hesitate to approach Joy with your request!

To raise money to keep their respective bands afloat (Carlton, Frickley, Hepworth, GUS, Old Silkstone & Bandafloat), on Sunday 6th December, for a donation towards the running costs of these registered charities, they would be happy to play locally your chosen carols for a 20min session outside anyone’s house or in the garden.

Joy promises you that the tempo will be cheerful and the standard high! 


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