Halloween Night with a Difference

Halloween in Crosspool was a much more muted affair this year.

Due to harsh Tier 3 social distancing regulations, all the most popular activities for children at this time of year, trick-or-treating, parties, nights out and events that see pumpkins and skeletons popping up in Crosspool, had to be scaled back this year.

Determined that children could still celebrate and enjoy the spirit of trick or treat night, local residents went the extra mile with their spectacular ghostly, creepy and supernatural displays. Following social distancing, children and grownups were able to appreciate and delight in these many spooky creations as they made their way along the “Lydgate Juniors Pumpkin Trail.”…


2 Replies to “Halloween Night with a Difference”

  1. Some great work by local people to make sure kids enjoyed the night appropriately during this pandemic.
    It was though a shame that one very prominent local house with an amazing display on the outskirts of Crosspool had a crowd of youngsters, teens and young adults outside that must have been 50 deep, with not a hint of social distancing. All while the PM was on his feet announcing the new lockdown. Very alarming.

  2. Thanks to all the residents for putting an effort in decorations, as it allowed kids to have an almost normal time on that evening. And thanks for the people running this site.

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