It’s That Time of Year Again

As we approach the time of year when the dark nights are drawing-in and the darker evenings take hold, a home in darkness could be an invitation to a burglar. To help deter thieves the police are urging residents to ensure they have home security measures in place.

There are lots of simple and inexpensive things you can do. Make sure you keep windows and doors locked and leave lights on when you are out. As a further deterrent to burglars and thieves, perhaps using a light timer or Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb with a sensor could help.

The police have said that they will be stepping up evening patrols and Neighbourhood officers will be speaking to businesses and residents to offer additional advice about how to ensure premises and property are kept secure.

If you see any suspicious behaviour, the police would urge you to contact them immediately on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Don’t leave it a few days; ringing them as soon as possible will give the police the greatest chance of preventing a crime taking place and making an arrest.

For further burglary prevention advice, please speak to your local neighbourhood policing team:- 0114 2964898.  PCSO’s:- Pam Thompson 07584 617 210 – Phil Whitaker:- 07787 882 106 -Nicola Doolan –Hamer:- 07787 881 996 Alternatively, you can find more help and tips on their website: South Yorkshire Police


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