Take the Kids Scarecrow Spotting in Crosspool

As part of 2020 Crosspool Scarecrow competition, nifty scarecrows have today descended into the Crosspool area.

If you’re out and about around the Crosspool area over the next two or so weeks, you can have lots of fun scarecrow-hunting with the kids. You might be pondering as to where they have all come from.

As a cheery respite from Covid19 pandemic and a big big thank you to all Key workers, homeowners, community groups have been invited to make and display their own imaginative scarecrows.

Competition Scarecrows, judged by LORD COE and MAGID to be First, Second & Third prize winners, will be announced on Wednesday 24th June.

Scarecrows can be found on the following Roads   

Lydgate Hall Crescent                                                                                    

Manchester Road            from (Sandygate Road to Den Bank Avenue)                                                     
Den Bank Avenue

Hagg Lane

Den Bank Crescent

Den Bank Drive                

Moorbank Road,

Barnfield Avenue                                            

Barnfield Drive                 

Ringstead Crescent

Ringstead Ave

Cardoness Road                 

Dransfield Road               

Watt Lane

Cairns Road                    

Manchester Road   Tapton Hill Congregational Church/

Evelyn Road (top)

Sackville Road   

Marsh Lane Allotments (last one before gennel)                              


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