Crosspool Scarecrow Competition 2021

Crosspool scarecrow competition 2021 is a great way to encourage your families to be creative and bring the community together.

2021 Crosspool Scarecrow Competition

Reflecting on how the coronavirus crisis has changed the world and all our lives, the Theme for this year’s Scarecrow competition is   “A New Chapter”

Scarecrows to be displayed from SATURDAY 26TH JUNE until SATURDAY 3rd JULY

Pay just £4 to take part; Entry forms are available from May 31st, at “Nest Café” and “Hudson’s Kitchen”

All proceeds will go to Friends of Lydgate Association FOLA  

Thanks to local businesses there are worthwhile prizes up for grabs. The winner and two runners-up will be announced at the Crosspool Summer Fayre, Saturday July 3rd.

When making your scarecrow please be sure not to put anything in or on it that could fall off and become harmful to animals and wildlife habitats.

Make safety and social distancing the number one priority at all times

Good luck!

2020 Crosspool Scarecrow Competition Winners

Scarecrows entered for the 2020 community scarecrow competition celebrating all key-workers, were of a very high standard, making it challenging for the judges and the community to choose the winners.

After careful consideration scrutinising all the scarecrows entered, Magid Magid (past Sheffield Lord Mayor), – Lord Seb Coe, (past Tapton Student) – and members of the Crosspool community, chose the following winners and runners-up;

Prize winner chosen by Lord Coe was “The Ringstead Nurse”  Ringstead Crescent (created from logs),

Prize winner chosen by Magid Magid was “The Spaniard’s” SpongeBob” Cardoness Road (created from a straw bale),

Prize winners will receive credit provided by Dan Kirkland for The Crosspool Tavern or Crosspool Sportsman pub (for food ;-)), when they reopen.

Prize runners-up, chosen by the community were:-

First runner-up prize, “Boris” (Marsh Lane allotments) – voucher to spend at the Green Cross Chemist, Crosspool.

Second runner-up prize, “Granddad Bus Driver” (Cairns Road) – voucher for two fish & chip dinners from the Crosspool Fish Bar.

On behalf of the community of Crosspool, we would like to take this opportunity to give big ”Thank You” to both Michele Hatton & Dan Kirkland for  organising this year’s scarecrow competition, and also to express our gratitude to Lord Coe and Magid Magid for making the time in their busy diaries to support the Crosspool community by selecting this years winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s competition. The organisers hope that the variety of entertaining individual creations encourages everyone to enter next year’s competition.


Take the Kids Scarecrow Spotting in Crosspool

As part of 2020 Crosspool Scarecrow competition, nifty scarecrows have today descended into the Crosspool area.

If you’re out and about around the Crosspool area over the next two or so weeks, you can have lots of fun scarecrow-hunting with the kids. You might be pondering as to where they have all come from.

As a cheery respite from Covid19 pandemic and a big big thank you to all Key workers, homeowners, community groups have been invited to make and display their own imaginative scarecrows.

Competition Scarecrows, judged by LORD COE and MAGID to be First, Second & Third prize winners, will be announced on Wednesday 24th June.

Scarecrows can be found on the following Roads   

Lydgate Hall Crescent                                                                                    

Manchester Road            from (Sandygate Road to Den Bank Avenue)                                                     
Den Bank Avenue

Hagg Lane

Den Bank Crescent

Den Bank Drive                

Moorbank Road,

Barnfield Avenue                                            

Barnfield Drive                 

Ringstead Crescent

Ringstead Ave

Cardoness Road                 

Dransfield Road               

Watt Lane

Cairns Road                    

Manchester Road   Tapton Hill Congregational Church/

Evelyn Road (top)

Sackville Road   

Marsh Lane Allotments (last one before gennel)                              

Crosspool and Friends Scarecrow Competition

Crosspool Scarecrow Competition 2020

The competition theme is Key Workers (e.g. NHS, care workers, shop workers, emergency services, postman/woman, teacher etc.
This can be someone you know, your own mind’s creation or someone from TV/Film (e.g. Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Jonny English, Sidney Poitier from To Sir, with Love, etc. etc.). 
However, this is for fun so create a scarecrow of any other theme if you prefer.

Scarecrows should be on display from June 6th until at least June 24th. 
Winners will be announced on Sunday, 24th June.  

To support local businesses, the winner and runner-up will receive a £50 credit for The Crosspool Tavern or Crosspool Sportsman pub (for food ;-)) when they re-open (this will be arranged and paid for by the competition coordinator).  Winner gets first choice out of the two pubs.

2nd runner-up   a voucher to spend in Crosspool Pharmacy
3rd runner-up   a voucher for two fish & chip suppers from the Crosspool Fish bar,

To Enter, Please Download and Complete this Google Entry Form!!
Details of the Roads with Entries will be posted on Friday, 5th June

Make safety and social distancing the number one priority at all times
Good luck!