Clap for Carers

clap thank you8pm Tonight 7th May 2020  

It is a deeply moving tribute that captures the very essence of our communal spirit in these times of adversity that Clap for Carers gets louder and more joyous every week. It is also possibly the only time communities now come together to generate a rare feeling of release and togetherness. a faint memory of a previous era when the nation came together to eradicate a common enemy.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the victory in Europe The Royal British Legion is calling on people across the UK to join in a moment of reflection and Remembrance, pausing for a Two Minute Silence at 11am tomorrow Friday 8th May.

In spite of social distancing and lockdown, we can all still take part in commemorating with pride and patriotism this very special occasion in the safety of our homes, by making and displaying from tomorrow and over the weekend, our own VE Day Great British Bunting.




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