crosspool festival 2019


It is time for you to showcase your creativity
in the areas of art, photography, cake making and biscuit decorating.

Anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Crosspool can enter.
All you need to do is enter no more than two of your creations. These will be put on display for everyone to admire and judges will award certificates to the winners.
There is no theme to follow. Just show us what you can create.
The categories for entry are as follows:-

Biscuit decorating for young children:-
• Under-fives.
• Five to eleven years.
You don’t have to make the biscuit, just decorate it using your imagination and make sure you don’t eat them all before showing them off!

Art, Photograph and Cake making: – There are two categories for each.
• Under 16 years.
• Everyone over 16 years.
Photography prints can be either A5 or A4 in size, but there is no restriction on the size in the art or cake categories.
How to Enter:-
Entries for the cakes and biscuits must be handed in at St Columba’s Church Manchester Rd, Tuesday 2nd July between 7 & 8 pm,
or Wednesday morning 3rd July between 9 &10 am.
Entries for the art and photography can be handed in anytime at
Cocker and Carr Estate Agents but before 5pm on Friday 28th June.
The Event:-
This will take place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at St Columba church on Manchester Rd. People will be able to view the entries from 2:30 pm and refreshments will be available. Certificates and prizes will be presented to the winners at 4:30 pm.

For further information on all the categories, contact: –



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