Missing black and white cat from the Sandygate area

Missing cat, Sox
Missing cat, Sox

Have you seen Sox, a distinctive black and white cat with half a tail, missing from the Sandygate area?

If you can help, please contact the owner who says:

He is 9 now, adventurous and a real hunter but still very loving and affectionate. Fights foxes, brings every mammal home that he can catch, some alive, some not. He makes new friends easily and we are hoping that he has moved out in a huff whilst building work is going on.

I have tried all the homes that I know he visits where he is welcome but no one has seen him for over a fortnight now. We fitted a tracker to him last year and discovered his area covers Lodge Moor, Fulwood, Sandygate, Crosspool and down Rivelin.

He went AWOL about a month ago for about 4 days and came back fat which is why we think he has found a new human to fuss him and tell him how wonderful he is! He loves that.

Is he visiting you or do you know who he is visiting? At the moment we just need to know that he is alive and well and that one of his encounters with a fox hasn’t been his last. I can be contacted on 07974 793 954.


2 Replies to “Missing black and white cat from the Sandygate area”

  1. We see Sox regularly wandering through our garden on Coldwell Lane. Will let you know next time we spot him.

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