Crookes ward local election candidates confirmed

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Polling station in Crosspool

The six Crookes ward candidates standing in the 22 May election have been revealed:

European Elections will also be taking place on the same day. For these, you vote for a political party to represent your views in the European Parliament, not an individual candidate.

So on the day you will be able to vote for one ward candidate and one European political party.

If you haven’t registered to vote then you still have time to do so before 6 May.

Voter registration – Sheffield City Council

Full list of Sheffield local election May 2014 candidates (docx, 82KB) (Crookes ward details are on page 8 of the document)

The Star: More on each candidate


6 Replies to “Crookes ward local election candidates confirmed”

  1. No Tory candidate demonstrates to me that boundary changes have shifted the ward left. Interesting to see who the Tory supporters vote for. UKIP may have a chance.

    1. In 2012 there were 360 Tory votes & 323 UKIP – combined % of vote was 12.2%. Lib Dems won with 35%. So to ‘have a chance’ UKIP need around 3 times the combined total. That seems unlikely, especially with the 2012 independent standing again – he got more than the two of them combined [736 or 13.1%] last time.

    1. Is it 1]cock-up, 2]conspiracy or 3]lack of support?
      1] the Hillsboro Tory was disqualified because one of the proposers also signed the form for the UKIP candidate! That didn’t happen here, but there may have been some sort of internal party meltdown.
      2] Are they preparing the ground to give Clegg a clear run in 2015, which would make Shaffaq a ‘coalition’ candidate?
      3] They couldn’t afford, or find, a candidate? Not sure if that back’s up Steve’s theory, but we live in interesting times. I’m pretty sure the UKIP candidate used to support the Tories.

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