Crosspool Beavers spring bulb planting

Crosspool Beavers spring bulb planting

Crosspool Beavers spring bulb planting

Beaver scout leader, Glenda de Brouwer has a motto “The sun always shines on our Beavers” and sure enough it did shine on the morning of Saturday 22 October on the grassy bank area, adjacent to the pelican crossing, close to the Crosspool Tavern.

Here the 36th Sheffield (St. John’s Ranmoor) Beaver Colony, based at the scout hut on Benty Lane, could be found beavering away, planting their allocation of a thousand crocus and daffodils provided by Sheffield City Council.

The bulb planting had been organised by assistant beaver Scout Leaders Tony Cheetham, (aka Badger) and ably accomplished with three leaders, three dads, two Beavers, two young leaders, two little brothers and one little sister.

Undoubtedly their very much appreciated hard work in making this significant contribution to improving the attractiveness of Crosspool will have enriched their lives and that of the community.

Many thanks for a job well done.
Ian Hague (Crosspool Forum Chairman)

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