Manchester Road resurfacing: verges will be be re-seeded

Manchester Road daffodils
Manchester Road daffodils

Amey have confirmed that any Manchester Road verges that are damaged as part of the Streets Ahead project will be repaired.

Spokesperson Claire Tideswell said: “I have been speaking with our site team and they have advised me that when doing the pavement resurfacing work there may well be some minimal verge damage as a result of the work we’re doing. This will be likely from week commencing 27 February as we move closer towards Crosspool.

“Once the work has been completed we will then re-soil and re-seed any areas which have been damaged as a result of the works. We will take as much care as possible but some damage will unfortunately be inevitable.

“The contractor is aware of the bulbs which are planted in the verges and have bought their concerns to our attention.”

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Bollards installed on Stephen Hill Road verges

Bollards have been installed on Stephen Hill Road verges
Bollards have been installed on Stephen Hill Road verges

Crosspool residents recently requested measures to prevent vehicles from diving on the grass verge and pavement next to the Manchester Road doctors surgery.

On 23 November, the council installed a number of strategically placed bollards across the pavement and grass verge on Stephen Hill Road.

It is hoped that these measures will eliminate the potential danger of injury to pedestrians, and in so doing make this stretch of pavement a safer place for small children and the older members of the community.