Crosspool road safety online petition launched

Following last week’s Open Meeting, a local resident has launched an online petition to improve road safety in Crosspool.

View/sign the petition – Sheffield City Council website

The petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the council to:

  1. Implement a reduction in the speed limit to 20mph for the shopping precinct area at Crosspool and the parts of the service roads of Selbourne Road, Watt Lane, Benty Lane, and Sandygate Road nearest to the precinct
  2. Help to enforce this new limit with traffic calming measures including the ‘humping’ of the four existing Zebra Crossings.

Crosspool shopping precinct is a busy area used by large numbers of unaccompanied schoolchildren and with a high number of elderly residents. Recently an elderly resident was killed in a traffic accident on one of the crossings. Vehicles travel at high speed through the shopping precinct and it is inevitable that further accidents resulting in serious injury or death will occur unless preventative, safety measures are taken.


Petition launched over off-centre Sandygate Road markings

White lines on Sandygate Road
White lines on Sandygate Road

Concerned Crosspool residents are collecting signatures for a petition regarding the position of the painted white lines on Sandygate Road.

The road markings were repainted following resurfacing work and have divided the road into a wider uphill lane and a narrower downhill lane.

Resident Marie Biggs explained: “My main concern is that vehicles are travelling far too fast up the road and hogging the white lines. This doesn’t leave any space for vehicles and cyclists travelling downhill towards Crosspool, which have to cross the white lines to pass parked vehicles.

“Amey/Streets Ahead told me that the reason the lines are as they are is to allow for the safe overtaking of cyclists coming uphill – but what ablout the cyclists travelling downhill?

“And, if there was to be a collision, would drivers travelling down the road always be deemed to be at fault, purely because they are straddling the white lines?”

The petition can be signed in GT News and the Post Office.

What do you think of the position of the Sandygate Road markings?

White lines on Sandygate Road
White lines on Sandygate Road