Slimming World Crosspool gets new consultant

A new consultant is taking over the Slimming World group in Crosspool.

Emma McGowan will now be running the group, which meets every Wednesday night at 7pm at St Columba’s Church on Manchester Road. Her first meeting is tomorrow night (Thursday 27 October).

Emma said: ‘It’s not long until Christmas and the party season now but there is still easily enough time to lose at least a stone, without starving yourself or going without.’

For more information about the group and the offers available call Emma on 0114 233 5205 or 07941 062363. There is also background information in the Word document below.

Crosspool Slimming World – A whole new world (Word document, 40KB)


Lost tabby cat – can you help?

On Thursday 7 October a seven-year-old tabby cat called Marco went missing from his home on Barholm Road. Have you seen him?

He’s got a red collar with a disc containing his name and phone number. The owners are asking whether local residents could check garages, basements, greenhouses and sheds in case he is trapped inside.

There has been a possible sighting of him up near the Sportsman pub on the other side on Manchester Road.

If you think you might have seen Marco, please ring the owner on 230 5162.

Lost tabby cat
Have you seen this tabby cat?

Tavern Service Station planning application submitted

Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road
Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road

A planning application (10/03112/FUL) to extend the Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road is currently pending consideration.

Due to limited space in the existing premises, the service station is currently forced to turn away customers when it is too busy. In good weather, work and repairs can be undertaken on the front forecourt, but the owner is looking for a permanent solution.

It is proposed to extend the premises to provide four additional vehicle work stations. The overall standard of facilities will be improved, with the MOT testing areas re-sited.

The existing workshop and office occupy a site fronting Manchester Road, with access for pedestrians and vehicles from the main road. There is off road parking for a dozen cars with space for three work stations within the workshop. It is proposed that the new extension will run through at the same level, with access remaining as present via the Manchester Road.

For visual and aesthetic reasons, the extension will be constructed with facing materials to match the existing. A pitched roof will incorporate lights to provide both light and ventilation.

The overgrown area to the rear of the workshop, at 16-20 Sandygate Road, is currently used for the disposal of unwanted goods. The property and freehold owners are willing to sell the land to the service station owner and have made no objections to the proposed extension works.

A right-of-way for both the current owners of the 16-20 Sandygate Road property and the service station will be retained as a landscaped and paved access.

View Tavern Service Station planning application (10/03112/FUL)

Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road
Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road

Computing courses at St Columba’s church hall

Two new computing courses started last Friday at St Columba’s church hall on Manchester Road.

The 12-week IT National College Introduction to ICT course is for beginners with no knowledge or just a basic knowledge of computers. It starts at 9am each Friday and is followed by a more advanced course at 11:45am.

Students are asked to pay just £30 for a 12-week course, with concessions for those on benefits.

Advanced students wishing to gain experience using the internet are also given the option of attending a course at a Foxhill computer suite taking place on either Monday or Thursday mornings.

Anyone wishing to join a course should contact Ian Hague on 0114 335 1674.

Fire in property near Shore Lane/Manchester Road

A fire in a property on the edge of Crosspool is currently being attended to by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (9pm, 13 September 2010).

Fire crews were alerted around 5pm when plumes of smoke were seen coming from the roof of a derelict house within the grounds of Sheffield University’s Ranmoor Village accommodation.

Building work was taking place on the property, which is near to the modern Shore Court accommodation block and is located between Shore Lane and Manchester Road.

The smoke drifted as least as far as the Arts Tower and was visible from other vantage points across the city.

Information available this evening has been limited, but it is not thought that anyone has been hurt in the incident. The cause of the fire is unknown.

At around 7.15pm, National Grid engineers arrived to isolate the gas supply to the property from Manchester Road. This work will not affect gas supplies to nearby houses.

As of 9pm this evening, the bottom end of Shore Lane was closed and police were directing cars away from the top end of the road. Manchester Road is open as normal.

Update 17 September: The fire brigade has confirmed that nobody was hurt in the fire and it is not being treated as suspicious.

BBC news story about the incident

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue report and photos on Facebook

Photo of smoke taken from across the city

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approximate location of fire
Approximate location of fire

Background information about Manchester Road speed signs

We’ve been given a bit more information about the speed signs which were recently deployed – and removed – from Manchester Road.

The signs are known as Speed Indication Displays (SIDs) and form part of an ongoing speed awareness campaign.

In essence, a portable SID sign is able to detect the speed of oncoming vehicles with a set range and display an LED display back to the driver indicating the speed of that vehicle along with a happy or sad face depending on compliance with the prevailing speed limit.

In addition, the device can capture speed and vehicle flow data for future analysis.

The Road Safety Team at Sheffield City Council has developed a system of programmes and schedules for Speed Awareness Campaigns with some of the Community Assembly Areas whereby they provide the team with a list of sites where speeding has been a cause for concern either to residents or brought to the attention of officers by local Members.

The SID sign(s) are then rotated around these sites on an eight-weekly basis and data gathered to be assessed against ‘before’ data where available in order to assess their effectiveness.

The reason for this approach is that recent studies on the use of SIDs and Vehicle Activated Signs (VASs) have concluded that they are most effective when rotated around a number of sites as this reduces the likelihood of driver familiarity with a specific sign in a specific location.

Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield
Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield, now removed

Proposed convenience store for Crosspool‏

A planning application has been submitted for the retail premises on Lydgate Lane, presently occupied by Motor World, to extend the building to three times its present size.

Planning application 10/02657/FUL indicates permission is being sought to change its use to a convenience store/market, possibly by one of the big supermarket chains. Work has already begun, with the removal of a number of trees from the site.

The application raises many questions, including how this might affect the viability of the present shops in the precinct, and crucially, what added pressure will this impact on road safety, at what is an already very busy Y-junction with Manchester Road.

Residents are being invited to comment on the application before 17 September 2010 on the Sheffield City Council Planning Applications website.

View Planning application 10/02657/FUL

Associated downloadable documents (including Supporting submission document, plan drawings and Neighbour notification details)

Motor World, Lydgate Lane, Crosspool
The retail premises would be extended to three times its present size
 Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction in Crosspool
The already busy Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction

Manchester Road speed signs due to be removed today

The two vehicle-activated signs on Manchester Road are due to be removed today (Friday 20 August) by Streetforce.

The Central Area Community Assembly commissioned two sets of detectors from Sheffield Council’s road safety department. These were to be installed by Streetforce for an eight-week period at different locations highlighted by the local community as being prone to traffic speeding.

The first signs to be installed, on the Broomhill end of Manchester Road, are due to be removed today. At 8:30am this morning, only the the speed sign for vehicles coming up the hill was operational.

The analysed data gathered is likely to be used for improving road safety at the two locations. We’ll post more information as we hear about it.

Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road
Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road

Manchester Road and Glossop Road reopen

The recent roadworks affecting Manchester Road, Broomhill and Glossop Road are complete, meaning that roads have now reopened.

The replacing of the gas mains meant that traffic could only travel one way through Broomhill and up Manchester Road. The Fulwood Road junction with Glossop Road had also been closed.

The roads reopened at around 10am on Monday 9 August. Fulwood Road between Ashdell Road and Manchester Road will remain one way into town until early September.

The recent roadworks in Broomhill appear to have finished
The recent roadworks in Broomhill have finished