Look out for the Autumn 2010 edition of the Crosspool Clarion

Crosspool Clarion Autumn 2010
Crosspool Clarion Autumn 2010 (PDF, 747KB)

The new edition of the Crosspool Clarion is going to press and will soon be falling on the doormats of all Crosspool households.

The latest issue includes:

  • Crosspool Festival report
  • Open Gardens
  • Road safety
  • Chairman’s report
  • Other local news
  • Letters
  • Crosspool quiz

Download Crosspool Clarion Autumn 2010 editionĀ  (PDF, 747KB)

Some back issues of past editions of the Crosspool Clarion are also available to download.

The Crosspool Clarion is the official newsletter of Crospool Forum. It is a free, quarterly publication, with over 2,500 copies delivered to local households.

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Manchester Road and Glossop Road reopen

The recent roadworks affecting Manchester Road, Broomhill and Glossop Road are complete, meaning that roads have now reopened.

The replacing of the gas mains meant that traffic could only travel one way through Broomhill and up Manchester Road. The Fulwood Road junction with Glossop Road had also been closed.

The roads reopened at around 10am on Monday 9 August. Fulwood Road between Ashdell Road and Manchester Road will remain one way into town until early September.

The recent roadworks in Broomhill appear to have finished
The recent roadworks in Broomhill have finished

Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane

Work has started on changes to the pavements and crossing areas at the top of Lydgate Lane.

The road is being narrowed outside Lydgate Infant School ready for the installation of a zebra crossing.

Improvements to the Lydgate Lane end of Marsh Lane and Headland Drive are also underway, with markings on the pavements that hint at the dropping of the curbstones with tapered pavements at crossing points.

Dropped Kerbs were recently installed on the Watt Lane end of Cardoness Road to make crossing easier for pedestrians.

Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane
Improvements for pedestrians on Lydgate Lane
Markings for dropped curbs on Headland Drive
Markings for dropped Kerbs on Headland Drive
Dropped curbs installed on Cardoness Road
Dropped Kerbs installed on Cardoness Road

New traffic-slowing measures on Manchester Road

Two vehicle-activated signs have been installed near the Broomhill end of Manchester Road to help slow traffic.

The radar speed signs are located on both sides of the road near Tapton House Road and Tapton Mount Close. The idea is that they will slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving at unsafe speeds.

As well as showing drivers how fast they are going, the signs also display a happy face for vehicles travelling under the speed limit and a sad face for those exceeding it. The speed limit for this stretch of road is 30mph.

Manchester Road has been affected by the roadworks in Broomhill and is currently only open for traffic coming out of town.

Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield
Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield

Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield
Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield