Be a good citizen, report street repair issues, and get them fixed.

FixMyStreet is an independent website, built by the charity mySociety to make it easier to report community problems if you don’t know who your report should go to.

All you have to do is type in a postcode – or let the site locate you automatically – and describe your problem. Your report will then go into the same council email inboxes as reports sent through by any other means, for the attention of the people whose job it is to fix it.

FixMyStreet covers the whole of the UK. No matter where you are, the only thing you ever have to remember is the web address – There is also an app for iOS and Android app. If your phone isn’t supported, try accessing FixMyStreet via your mobile browser

FixMyStreet is primarily for reporting things that are broken, dirty, damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as graffiti, dog fouling, potholes, or street lights that don’t work.

Urgent issues: For problems that might put people in immediate danger, such as gas and water leaks or falling/fallen trees, please contact your council, the appropriate utility company or emergency service directly – by phone if possible.

Non-physical things: For issues such as noise pollution, barking dogs, fires, missing wheelie bins or missed rubbish collections, proposals for speed bumps or pedestrian crossings, or complaints about the council itself, please contact the council directly.

FixMyStreet is designed to work in tandem with what the council offers, in the belief that there’s a place for both systems.


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