Ranmoor Scouts at Crosspool

Scout Hall, Benty Lane, Crosspool

One of Sheffield’s oldest scout groups, Ranmoor Scouts at Crosspool, is on the brink of closing just short of its 100th anniversary.

The 36th Ranmoor Scout Group, based at the Scout Hall on Benty Lane, Crosspool, has already had to stop one age group meeting, because of a lack of volunteer scout leaders, and there are concerns the youngest, the Beavers, could be next to be affected.

Michael Holmes, group scout leader, said the group was initially hit by closures related to the Covid pandemic, with some volunteers not returning after the country returned to normal. He has written an open letter appealing for help to save the scouts’ group.

He said: “Closure is looming ahead of the 36th Ranmoor Scout Group after almost 100 years. The group was first affiliated in March 1927 and has been one the largest groups for many years and at times having a membership of over 120 young people. But it is now struggling to keep open because of lack of adult help.”

He said before Covid, there were healthy numbers for the Beavers, aged six to eight, the cubs, aged eight to 10, the scouts, aged 10 to 15, and a large waiting list. But due to a lack of adult volunteers, the scouts were not now meeting, and the other groups were struggling.

He said no experience of scouting was needed for volunteers, just a willingness to help young people, adding it was a great shame that the scouts were currently unable to meet, and someone was needed to get it moving again.

The future of the Beaver group is uncertain, as the current leader is due to step down in July. There is a team of assistants, but there will be no leader after that point as things stand. They need someone who will be able to attend 95 percent of the time.

“If we can find a leader, we will have someone who can show them the ropes,” he added.

The group had invested heavily in its building in recent years, building an extension, and improving access. It has enabled them to open up the facility to a number of community groups, but they have still struggled for volunteers.

Anyone who can help can email michaelfholmes1@gmail.com or call 07802 860556.

  Sheffield Star


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