WATER MAIN LEAKAGE – Sandygate Road & Manchester Road Junction

Around the 16th January 2019, the Crosspool Forum reported the water main leakage at the junction of Sandygate Road and Manchester Road to Yorkshire Water.Water leak.jpg

Yorkshire Water confirmed that the leak had been registered and booked for repair by Morrisons,

The repair will be complex since it will involve 4-way traffic-lights and a possible road-diversion.

Complexity is increased by the fact that Council permission will have to be given for this, and it is still forthcoming.

Even before this, they will need to get the co-operation of British Gas.

Therefore, so far a date has not been fixed.  When it is, Morrisons (Yorkshire Water) will try to do the job ‘out of hours’ – i.e. overnight, finished by 06.00 hrs.

Awaiting a date as to when Morrisons will be starting the repair work


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