Coldwell Lane Wooded Area Planning Application Open For Comment

Planning application 18/02952/OUT  for the building of detached house on the wooded area, which nestles between the CDYST and Moorbank Drive on Coldwell Lane, is now online and open for comments.

Spring on Moorbank Coldwell


4 Replies to “Coldwell Lane Wooded Area Planning Application Open For Comment”

  1. Bad news! Stop trying to squeeze extra housing into every available space in this neighbourhood (the same as many other neighbourhoods as well) – it’s irresponsible, given how difficult transit is at key times of the day. The council should organise a moratorium on increased housing density until there is an overall plan to improve transport – effectively that means government money to enhance public transport to get travellers out of cars and onto buses.

  2. I am appalled that someone is requesting planning permission to build a house on the lovely wooded area on the corner of Moorbank Drive. I see from the council planning site that the developers were refused permission in 2017 to remove the gorgeous trees from this site.
    There is a decision spending on the erection of a bungalow on the sharp corner on Coldwell Lane which would be very near this new proposed development . This will add to problems with vehicles reversing out of their drives onto this extremely busy road.
    If you supposed to this development please add your objection on the council planning website urgently.

  3. My comment is requiring moderation and I should address my comments on this proposed development onto the appropriate council planning application website which I will do shortly.
    I just feel so strongly that we are trying to squeeze extra housing into every available area across the city, What a shame.

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