Steve Reynolds wins 2015 Crosspool community award

Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds

The dedication of the Crosspool Forum vice chairman Steve Reynolds has been recognised with him being presented with the 2015 Crosspool person of the year award.

The award, set up in 2013 by Crosspool Forum on a suggestion by St Columba’s minister Reverend Frances Eccleston, acknowledges commitment, accomplishment and achievement by individuals in the neighbourhood.

On the recommendation of the Frances, Crosspools first award winner was Sue Havenhand, the retired headteacher of Lydgate Junior School.

In 2014 some 50 residents, at an open meeting, proposed and voted Ian Hague, Crosspool Forum Chairman, as the person to receive the award.

For the 2015 award, voting slips were compiled from a shortlist of people, nominated by the public and published in the Crosspool Clarion. Steve Reynolds, receiving the most votes, was presented with an engraved tankard and certificate at last week’s open meeting.


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