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  1. Hi
    I will attend the next meeting on the 29th July as will other Mothers of children in our local schools, but thought I would ask you a couple of questions ahead of this that are particularly pressing and distressing at times and wondered if these had already been addressed or in the process?
    I have 2 children – 1 at Lydgate infants and another at the junior school and have concerns about the visibility of a “community” that seem to be dominant at the end of school times around the Tapton playing fields that are abusive with foul language around young children and often appear intimidating to both young children and older adults that are collecting from the schools – in particular grand parents.
    On 2 occasions I have encountered behaviour from them where I do not feel comfortable and my children are fearful when this should be a happy time for them.
    My mother in law feels that the behaviour of these children in and around the shops area at both lunchtime and after school is intimidating and an area that she avoids at these times – should we really be feeling like this about our school children?!
    I have also heard and spoken to other parents where their children have either been or witnessed their friends being set upon by these people – both male and female.
    I feel very strongly that my husband grew up and was schooled here and we moved here to give our children a better way of life with good quality schools in a nice area.
    Apologies as I am am ranting a little – it is difficult to be able to write all of this with the passion that it deserves – for my children in particular.


  2. The recommendation for the proposed development at motor world is that the development is considered to be unacceptable. The full reasoning can be found on the Sheffield City Council planning application website.

  3. I go up and down marsh lane in crosspool quite often and am amazed at the number of private vans and cars parking on the grass verges is this legal?

    1. Q655: Can cars park on grass verges?

      No, cars cannot park, fully or partly, on council owned grass verges. There will more than likely be a local bye law to specifically prevent this but there are also a number of other offences that can be committed (unnecessary obstruction, criminal damage to grass, etc).

      If the land is privately owned and the landowner has given permission then it would be permitted.

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  4. I would just like to thank the dog owner that let their pet walk to my front door and use it as a toilet. Thank you for your consideration, and especially thank you for leaving it to me to clean up your dog’s mess.

  5. Thanks so much for your efforts keeping this excellent website regularly updated. My wife and I are currently away for the winter and appreciate being able to easily find out what’s happening back home.

  6. Hello. I would like to introduce myself as the chairman of the local Rivelin Valley Conservation Group. We currently have over 500 members and it is our 20th Anniversary this year. We arrange numerous events that you are quite welcome to attend. Perhaps our main strength is our task team who help maintain the nature trail and its’ ponds along the Rivelin Valley. We meet the last Sunday in every month and if you would like you to join us please contact Keith Kendall on 07810556586. We also organise local walks and talks and have an active committee to address issues affecting the valley. If you would like to join us then please contact me Graham Appleby 01142660203.

  7. Hi,

    I am a registered dru yoga teacher living in this area and would like to hear from any body interested in yoga classes. The type of yoga I teach is suitable for all and can be enjoyed by people of any age. Yoga is fun and an amazing form of stress relief, simple movements can make a big difference.

    Please feel free to contact me on 07969 653 021 if you would like to find out more or attend one of my classes. I am always interested in hearing of suitable venues for classes in the area too.

    Kind Regards, Jo

  8. The planters and hanging baskets in the precinct are all very nice – but lately the area is awash with litter which rather negates the effect. What happened to the regular council litter crew? Most of the litter bins have been overflowing for a week now. I often report such problems to SCC, but I’d suggest a Forum committee member might be given the job of keeping SCC on their toes in these matters. I’ve also just reported the mostly blocked street drains (or gullies as the council calls them) and the eyesore of those concrete bollards outside Motor World.

    Finally, I’d like to suggest that this comments page might be given a higher profile on the website to encourage more use and interaction between local people. If it could be made like the Sheffield Forum I think it would get much more use and be more useful than it is at present.

  9. Hi Chris, thanks for your comments regarding litter and drains. I’ve drawn them to the attention of Ian Hague, the Chairman of Crosspool Forum.

    We’ve moved the comments page up to the main navigation. Currently we don’t have the resources to run and moderate a full forum on this website. As you say, alternative (very successful) forums already exist and of course as well as this page, people can comment on every news story should they wish.

  10. Thanks Robin , you’re doing a fine job. My only other suggestion at this time would be to have the latest comments at the top and the older ones last. That way people immediately see the latest without having to scroll all the way down to check if anything new has been posted.



  11. Hi Robin – FYI, I just received this reply from the council;

    Dear Mr Rodgerson

    Thank you for your contact form dated 17 June 2011 regarding the above.

    Please accept our apologies for the overflowing litterbin.

    I can confirm that the shop site at Crosspool is currently inspected and cleaned on 3 occasions per week.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Kind regards

    Nick Hetherington
    Head of Streetscene
    Street Force

  12. Hi,

    The last issue of the Crosspool Clarion confirmed that the green plastic sacks collection service is back in operation. However, i have recently discovered that Veola are no longer collecting on my road (Evelyn Road). Yet the road next to mine is going to receive 4-weekly collections.

    After speaking to the council, they claim the van has access issues. However the black bin collection lorry and the blue bin lorry manage perfectly fine. The real reason is that 20% of the city’s roads will no longer receive green bag collections due to cut backs. We are advised to take it to our local recycling center (S5) or have a compost bin. I’d like to know if the council are going to provide a discount on my bill for the service which i am no longer getting. This will pay towards the petrol to take it to the recycling center. I’m also concerned for people on my road who don’t have a car and the elderly people in the area who can’t easily carry their waste. Do the council intend to reinstate the collections some time soon? Personally, I’d rather go back to the old service where you can call someone to collect your bags when you have them ready. At least that way they were actually collected.



    1. This is a response from Councillor Geoff Smith. I understand Emily’s anger at what seems to be an arbitrary and unfair decision. I have followed this up with Councillor Leigh Bramall, the Cabinet member for this area. He said that this issue had very recently been brought to his attention. As part of the Lib Dem budget approved in March 2011 it was agreed that a number of addresses would be excluded from the green sack service to save money. He has said, ‘I can now confirm that all households who wish to use the green sack service will be able to. The service for the previously excluded households will be reinstated as a matter of urgency, and by the end of this month at the very latest.’

      I will monitor progress on this.

  13. I only managed to attend three events (How to Read a Church, the Street Market, and the Lydgate fun run) but I was impressed by all of them; they were well organised, well attended and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. This included the two fathers who nearly demolished the drinks table in their attempt to beat each other in the ‘fun’ run. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  14. I have looked at the old maps of Crosspool and nothing is shown on them to indicate what the mystery tunnel can be- as featured in the latest Crosspool Clarion. However I do know that there was an adit – an opening to a coal mine- just behind the Sportsman . Maybe it could have something to do with that. There are coal seams all over this area and several of the people who lived in Clough Fields hamlet were miners. There was a Hallam coal field but where exactly it was I have not been able to find out. An interesting addition to this is, that there was a footpath from Manchester Road up to Sandygate Road- approximately where the gennel is on Manchester Rd, coming out at the top of Ringstead Cres.And yes, if you are from Sheffield its a gennel and not a ginnel!

  15. I am the Manager of the Spar at Crosspool and would like to let the local community know that we are always more than willing to help in any way we can. Our company would like to forge closer links in the community whether this be through local charity work or volunteering to help with improvements to local spaces, buildings etc. We have already donated over £450 to Lydgate Junior School for their vegetable plots and helped them build and maintain them. If you feel you have a cause that could also use some help even if it is just man power, please feel free to call me on 2664111. Many Thanks, Richard.

  16. Despite an appeal on this website and in The Clarion, just two new people turned up to help with an Autumn tidy up of Lydgate Green. I don’t understand this – the information was published well in advance and it’s a good local cause. Is it just apathy? This area does not take care of itself.

    The only SCC help provided is grass cutting and bin emptying – and even then the bins often get missed and need emails to the parks dept to remind them. Same goes for the privet hedge. It’s supposed to be cut at least once per year, but do the Council ever remember……?!

    Everything else, litter, weeding, pruning, planting, etc, has to be done by volunteers. If anyone would like to get involved, please email the secretary of the Friends of Lydgate Green,

  17. I am interested to know if anyone is aware of any table top sales/indoor car boot sales either this month, or December. Thanks. Angela.

  18. Hi,
    I have looked in the ‘Community’ section of this website, but I wondered if anyone knew of any exercise classes in/around the Crosspool area? I am especially interested in aerobics classes, preferably in the evenings.
    Best wishes

  19. I have been complaining to the First bus Co. on behalf of residents of Coningsby house, Sandygate about bad services on the No51 bus route.,and serious health and safety issues. Written replies have been received but their comments do not address the residents concerns. I feel very strongly that passengers like myself who do not drive and who rely on the 51 bus do get good service.

  20. Regarding Moor View Farm, Manchester Road

    I have been in contact with the Council Planning Department today. Unfortunately both the people I had dealt with before were on leave. However, I managed to talk to someone who studied the file and got back to me. The agent has applied recently to the Building Regulations office of the Council for permission to demolish the farm. This included notice of their intention to do so on 30 April 2012. What the neighbours have received is a letter from the agent informing them that the demolition will take place on 30 April. The Building Regulations office has NOT given them permission to demolish and has sent a letter today to the agent informing them that the demolition cannot go ahead without a bat survey and a planning application to demolish. The agent will also be telephoned today to inform him. I aim to be at the site on Monday morning.

  21. Moor View Farm (Gosney’s) – Update

    Those of you who were up and about on Manchester Road around 8am on Monday may have seen three men loitering near the farm. They were Ian and Steve from the Crosspool Forum and me. We were there just in case there was a demolition attempt. Fortunately we did not have to draw straws to decide which of us was going to dive in front of a bulldozer. There was no attempted demolition.

    I have been assured by the relevant Council officers that both the owners and the agent are fully aware that a prior application to the Planning Dept. and a bat survey have to be carried out before demolition can take place. There is still some doubt as to the grounds on which the Planning Dept can insist that a full planning type application is made. But for the moment a prior application has not been made and a bat survey has not been completed.

    I will keep you informed. If, though, you see any activity around the farm that looks like demolition of preparations to demolish please let me know. I can be contacted on 07581 214 783

    Geoff Smith

  22. Tabby Cat Found on Manchester Road on 27/6/12 – it seems to have been killed by a car.
    I have left the cat in a box and covered over where it was found (near 630 Manchester Rd, S10). Please can you let me know if it is claimed on 07958 159562 ? Otherwise, I shall ring the Council to have it collected appropriately. Sorry if it was your cat.

  23. While being a supporter of any community-based activity, I can’t help feeling that Crosspool events always fall short of the mark. I attended the street market on Sunday, and, whilst the stalls were good, there just were not enough. There were also many duplicates. I was anticipating vintage clothing stalls, music stalls, deli stalls, fruit and veg etc. Amd, how does one go about booking a stall? Also, I question the entertainment: where was it? I realise that there had been an organ recital at some point, but not everyone likes organ recitals. This is a limited genre of music. Where were the local bands, and singers. My mother is a pensioner, and she would rather have seen a break dancing jam that listen to an organ recital. Where was the entertainment for the children, the adolescents, the parents, and even the pensioners who are post-war era? Where was the seating? An area to repose. I am also doubtful about forthcoming barn dance, to which I wished to take my child, but having seen that it is not a traditional pie ‘n’ pea supper, but instead, a ‘curry’ or something, (there is no way s/he will eat this), we won’t be going. I really do feel that the activities only reach a very small pocket of the community. Come on guys – we need some more progressive, and modern ideas! It only happens once a year, so surely this is possible!

    1. You need to put your ideas into action.
      Get in touch with the organisers and show how you can make a difference next year.

  24. I agree with Melanie. I also think it was daft to put stalls in the precinct this time instead of on Selbourne Road. What was the point of that? It just made the precinct look cluttered and Selbourne Road half empty. I do realise that organising these events is done by volunteers and thank them for it. But, if I was involved I think the first thing I’d do would be contact the organisers of other more established and successful events to enquire how they do it so well and get the contact details of all the vendors who have stalls there. The street markets at Nether Edge and Sharrow Vale Road are especially large, varied and very well supported. Maybe the Crosspool organisers do this but can’t get the same vendor support? I’d be interested to know.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Chris. I’m pleased to say that the comments made to us on the day and subsequently, by visitors, stall holders and shopkeepers, particularly about the use of the precinct, were much more positive, but I can see that you might have wondered why we did not use the whole of Selborne Road. This was because, although we had permission to close the road, this only covered as far as Cairn Home, partly to preserve access to the Home for visitors and emergency services. We have the entertainment outside the Home, as they provide power, and some of the residents are able to enjoy the show. If we did have stalls beyond this point, the crowds around the entertainment would impede access to them, which would not be fair on the stall holders.

      When we first considered a market, 3 years ago, I did speak to the Nether Edge organiser, who was very helpful. We leafleted their stalls, offering our event; and also advertised on a website which produced a lot of our applications. We are restricted to around 42 stalls by the space available, so could not hope to match the well known quarterly events, even if we wanted to attract their sort of attendance: but we feel ours is more a community event.

      We would welcome your input when we start planning next years events – we certainly don’t have all the answers!

  25. I have a stall at the Nether Edge market this weekend. I would have loved to have one at Crosspool, but had no idea they needed any. Neither did they, apparently. I also have further questions. Why, in the yellow-covered leaflet, did it read that Hallam Cricket Club open day was on Sandygate Road? The Cricket Club is on Crimicar Lane, Lodge Moor. (We learned this after we had walked to Hallam Football ground, realising it was not where they meant). And, more importantly, after then having driven up to Crimicar Lane, was there not any notification that the open day was cancelled? Also, why, after having, again, turned up for the family walk, was there neither notification that this, too, was cancelled, nor anyone there on the evening to advise of its’ cancellation. This is really poor!

  26. Trying to contact “Sally, John, Jack & Oliver” on (or near) Manchester Road, Crosspool.
    We have had a hand-written card posted to this family delivered here by mistake and no way of finding out who sent it or where the real people live!
    Please help reunite the family with their card!

  27. apologies – as we are away on Thursday we are unable to make the next meeting.
    Just wondered if there were any `bus` updates or comments… I. plus everyone at our bus-stop would be interested to know why there is (practically as a rule) a good long wait then 2 and normally 3 buses come together. We have usually seen them go up the hill and then we have to wait for same to come down .. By that time there`s plenty of people waiting to get on.Could not one of the 3 work to timetable?

  28. Re no51 bus route. Now they have double deckers on I was quite pleased that the Tapton kids now go upstairs and no longer block the exit, so I can now get out at Claremont without being squashed etc, but unfort. in this bad weather myself and other residents from Coningsby House who are elderly and disabled are having to wait upwards of 30 mins and 3 double deckers come together. , if we get on the first bus the other 2 overtake and we get into town in 35 mins instead of 20.mins .Also waiting in town opp. Cathedral we have problems actually getting on the 51 buses as the No,52s are always blocking the space and sometimes the 51s just dont stop , and we have to wait even longer for another one or two buses coming close together again. It is a nightmare to use the 51 .bus. Any help would be appreciated.

  29. I have already sent numerous letters, e mails etc and so have plenty of other people and we always get the same letters e mails back,saying they will look into the matters but they never do. Sorry the Forum is not interested, but as so many Crosspoolers are using the 51 bus I thiought it was a local matter, I am sure the matter has been brought up at Forum meetings before.

    1. I don’t know why you took such umbrage at my attempt to be helpful : as you did not divulge your prior attempts to complain to the bus company, how was I to know that you didn’t need their email address? My reference to ‘this forum’ was to these comment pages, not to ‘The Forum’!

  30. Hi Elizabeth, our local councillors are taking an active interest in whether the revised timetable has improved the 51 bus service.

    Can I suggest that you get in touch with them – Rob Frost and Geoff Smith are good people to try as they have certainly mentioned this before. If I recall correctly, they were planning on meeting the operators/SYPTE after the changes had been rolled out, so they may be able to feed back your concerns via this meeting?

    1. Robin, you are correct. All local Councillors are trying to meet with SYPTE and First as we have received a number of complaints. We’ve got a meeting pencilled in for next week but I am awaiting to hear back from key people at First about attendance. As soon as this meeting takes place we will report back to the Forum.

  31. Hi Chris and Robin, thanking you both for comments, have just e mailed Councillor Smith, sorry for bothing you.

  32. A general message for residents of Sandygate: I am aware of the amount of black ice on the roads and pavements – I decided not to drive to work this morning so it affects us all! I’ve spoken to the Council and have been assured that there will be some gritting of the area this evening so I hope that the situation will improve. Thanks to all for their patience.

  33. On friday i had to get to my GP in Broomhill from Sandygate, by taxi it took well over 30 mins ,very difficult getting out of my home and into the cab, the council do not grit Sandygate grove, would we be put on the map?Many fellow residents were completely hiuse bound that day as we afraid to slip on the ice.

  34. I don’t know if any of your members are the guilty party here, but can I draw attention to the problem I have with inconsiderate parking. Access to my drive is off Lydgate Lane, it has a dropped kerb and is quite clearly for vehicular access, yet I regularly have motorists, generally parents from Lydgate Infants but not always, park across the entrance which obviously prevents me from getting my car out. This happens all year round but this morning a black Audi has completely blocked my drive, and I have had to cancel and rearrange my whole day. I know the weather is bad but that is no excuse for inconveniencing other road users when they could have just parked a few feet further away. The weather this morning isn’t bad enough to abandon vehicles so this has obviously been parked, from at least 7.45, and looks set to be there for some time. My 80 year old father lives at the other side of the city and I now have to pack up for the expedition by bus to get to him. I only drive in this weather when I have to, and today was one of those days, but thanks to the ignorance of this fellow motorist I will not get done what I wanted to, so thanks for nothing Audi driver.

  35. I’d recommend calling the police. I remember this problem being raised at at an Open Meeting, and the police representative [not sure if it was the local PC or the Inspector] saying that they would take action, either trace the driver or have it towed, where residents could not get out of their property.
    Incidentally, the Forum doesn’t have ‘members’ in the sense you appear to mean – the membership includes all residents of Crosspool.

  36. Thanks for that, probably ‘readers’ would have been a better term. This is certainly an ongoing problem for myself and several neighbours so we’ll have to monitor the situation, but today was particularly annoying as it was the first time for several days I’d been able to get the car off the drive due to the weather, only to find I wasn’t going anywhere after all!!

  37. Re: Amey Resurfacing

    Is anyone else perturbed by the road works going on? Here on Lydgate Hall Crescent they scraped the surface nearly 3 weeks ago and have not returned since. The preparation work is a disgrace. They replaced a few kerb stones with new concrete ones which look rubbish between the old ones (of which many more are uneven, chipped or broken). There are still weeds growing in gutters where the new surface is supposed to be going down and still tree suckers pushing through the pavement at the side of the Crosspool Tavern car park. And what’s the story at the top of Lydgate Lane? The pavement at the side of Lydgate Green is now completely level with the road! No step down or gutter as they didn’t do anything with those old kerb stones. When it rained after that the pavement was flooded…….I thought we were going to get all new roads and pavements, but at the moment that doesn’t look like what’s going to happen.

  38. Re Bats

    We live on Manchester Rd and for many years have enjoyed the summer Bat displays at dusk.
    Last summer the Bats had gone? Has anyone else noticed this or knows why?

  39. Hi!

    Can anyone recommend childminders that are in the Crosspool area? It is for a one year old from October 2014 onwards.


    1. Hi there, I am a childminder in fulwood, probs only a few mins drive if you are interested. Would have a space from October. If you would like to email me to discuss further if this isn’t too far. Brittany

  40. Hi Brittany,

    I would be interested in having a chat with you – how do I email you direct?



  41. Hello all classic car owners in Crosspool! I am interested in setting up a (very) informal club for owners to share knowledge, tips and get together for occasional runs and beer…If there is anyone who feels they might want to participate, please email me at: I own a 1973 MG Midget, but would like the ‘club’ to reflect all classic marques or interesting vehicles.

    Hope to hear from any owners, even if just to confirm that I’m not alone in Crosspool!

  42. Can anyone advise if they have experienced speeding along Manchester Road going towards Glossop, from where the 40mph limit starts? Would it be possible to get a petition going to reduce the limit to 30mph until the road reaches Coldwell Lane? I have experienced careless/dangerous driving twice this week (w/c 30/06/204) when I have attempted to join Manchester Road from my daughters drive. This was at school letting out time when there was lots of school children walking along & crossing this very busy road.

  43. Yes there is a problem. I would support any attempt to reduce the limit to 30 in this residential area.

  44. Does anyone know the horse riders that ride on the streets of Crosspool, especially Tapton Hill Road? As much as I enjoy watching horses go by from time to time the weekly “mess” left on the street is unacceptable! If this were a dog owner they would be deemed irresponsible and charged £100.
    If they could be politely informed that it is inconsiderate or if anyone knows of the stables where I can contact them that would be great.

  45. Hear Hear! I’ve twice spoken with female horse riders on Lydgate Hall Crescent and complained about the mess they leave. Both thought it a joke…..but right outside my driveway it’s an unsociable mess I have to clear up. I told them in no uncertain terms they are not welcome. They obviously have a right to be on the streets but where’s the common sense in it? Aren’t there enough fields and bridle paths around? I think it’s irresponsible and risks an accident with a car which often zip around the bends on the small Crosspool sideroads? Who would be at fault should a collision occur? Maybe they come from the Clough Field stables?

  46. I also meant to ask why these riders don’t use a “horse nappy” (called a bun bag it seems) like we often see patroling police horses using? That would show consideration and solve the problem.

  47. Sorry if you think I am being ridiculus here but do you think its sensible for a car to zip around a bend on small crosspool streets? Horses were here for work along time before cars were and i understand it is now for leisure but it would be dangerous to get off, whip a bag out find a spade and then clear it up, especially with all the zippy cars. A nappy? Sorry but you must be joking?. And there are very few bridleways to go on and you generally have to link them up using roads. I would love to stay on Bridlepaths but there are very few and when there are dog walkers taking 6 dogs and letting them loose it gets very dangerous. Maybe if you contact the council about having more paths made it may improve your problem. I am part of a Bridleways Group and we are constantly campaigning to open more Bridleways and improve them. Also Horse poo isnt like dog poo, its not dangerous. And horse riders generally arnt allowed to ride in the fields, it digs up the ground and it is illegal for them to ride on other peoples land. Hope this explains the horse riders in crosspool.

  48. Just Google “Bun Bag” Imogen and you’ll see it’s not ridiculous. It actually a very responsible way of riding in the streets without leaving your horses manure for others to clean up.

  49. Question, is it possible we could look at reducing the speed limit on Manchester rd. I have lost two wing mirrors and am constantly in fear when loading and unloading my car. I have two infant children and have had numerous near misses with people not respecting the give way. As no off road parking spaces are given, something has to be done before a serious accident or worse still a fatality. It seems there is a changing community around Crosspool with lots of young families, this issue needs to be re-assesed and fast.

  50. What an eye sore the house on corner of Lydgate lane is how much longer is it going to have builders there???

    1. It’s not that long ago it was the site of derelict public toilets. Now that was an eyesore. This is ongoing work to improve someone’s property, which isn’t that unusual. When we built an extension to our property it took forever as once it started we were at the mercy of the builders. It never occurred to me it might actually offend someone.

    1. Thanks to Andrew Fisher’s (Complete Tree Solutions) kind generosity, local residents Christmas trees will, as last year, be recycled outside “Direct Travel”, Sunday 10th January, 10am – 12 noon prompt.

  51. Our cat has not returned home since Friday evening! We live in Ranmoor please look out for him and or check your shed/garage!
    Jamie & Liz Shepherd
    Photo to follow

  52. I was very upset to hear of the accident involving a car and an elderly lady in Crosspool yesterday. Did it happen on one of the zebra crossings? If it did I would not be surprised. Cars have often just driven straight over the main crossing between Archers and the former restaurant as I have been crossing the road. The drivers are busy trying to either overtake a parked bus at the bus stop or are looking for somewhere to park. It is such a busy place especially at peak times when schools are out. Maybe this has been said before but surely there is a strong case now for a pedestrian crossing or even two which would more effectively allow pedestrians to cross safely in Crosspool.

  53. I am currently trying to organise a petition for traffic calming in the area. I too feel there should be a pelican crossing as the zebra crossings are in the wrong place (too near the junctions). I also feel selborne Road should be access only from Manchester road end as it is now being used as a rat run.also why are buses going on this road? It’s not wide enough!!

  54. I now have a petition drawn up and will be leaving copies in various shops for people to sign. I need as many signatures as possible before next Council meeting in sept. Any help would be appreciated. My email is,

  55. Selborne Road is quite wide enough for buses. and it is a useful turn for them in bad weather. If you are looking to raise a petition you might consider the unlawful parking of the ancient White’s coach on Manchester whose presence is unlawful: (a) ns wheels on pavement blocking it, (b) The operator is in breach of its Operators Licence which requires it to be kept at its ‘Operating Centre’ which cannot be the public highway and it does not exhibit obligatory lighting after dark. That would be a service.
    You might also realise that petitions dumped in shops are not worth the paper because most people would sign them without knowing the alleged issue or being affected by it.

  56. Hi, we have full backing and volunteers for a tree planting scheme in our area, unfortunately we are having trouble talking to anyone to identify a site which would benefit, can anyone help please??

  57. Hi there, I’m Alice Webb, i’m teacher in Year 3 at Lydgate Juniors. I’m trying to get some information on the Crosspool History Walk run by Jan Milward. I’m not sure how to contact her but i’d be very grateful if she could contact me at school. Tel. 0114 2669500

  58. Does anyone know if Amey is still intending to close the Crosspool end of Lydgate Lane this Saturday ( September 9th) and if so why? The notices have all disappeared. Thanks.

  59. Just to add to the on going break in info, we had our shed broken into the end of November and a person was spotted snooping around the van/garage of a neighbours in the early hours a day later, we live on lydgate hall crescent. Police are aware of these incidents.

  60. Hi, is there an appetite within the community to look at getting the tennis courts at Coldwell Lane resurfaced? I’ve no idea what the cost would be, but I’m happy to have a look at it. I could also look at getting funding together from sources such as the LTA, local council grant, lottery funding, the forum itself (if there is money available for this sort of thing) as well as potential crowdfunding from local people, sponsorship from local businesses and so on. I don’t know who runs the tennis courts and how I’d make a start. If someone at the forum could tell me who I should contact to get the ball rolling, I’d be grateful!

  61. A year ago today a buis crashed on Sandygate road (i Have a photo) today several cars have collided due to the ice. Do the council not grit Sandygate road and if not why not. What can be done to encourage them to grit this bus route?

  62. Further to my search for an electrician in February, I have found one.
    I contacted MS electrical servrices ( they advertise in the Clarion) and Martin came to see us. He discussed our requirements, made other helpful suggestions and did a very good job for us.
    I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone requiring an electrician.

  63. i hope you can help me back in November i lost a silver bracelet with a heart on it in Crosspool and it has great sentimental value to me just wondered if anyone had found it.

    1. Are you on Facebook? There are a couple of local sites on there which might reach more people.
      Hope you find it.

    2. Just realised this was posted in January but it came up as a new comment this morning. Sorry I should have checked the date! Hope you found it.

  64. I’m a Dutch journalist currently researching the former Sunderland professional football player and England national team player (1929-1930) William “Billy” Marsden. I read that he was the manager of the Cross Pool Tavern after the war. Can you confirm this? Do you know in what period? Do you have more information or maybe photo’s of Marsden? I hope to hear from you!
    kind regards,
    Tijs Tummers

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