Manchester Road electronic speed signs return

This week the speed indication displays returned to Manchester Road.

As well as showing drivers how fast they are going, the signs also display a happy face for vehicles travelling under the speed limit and a sad face for those exceeding it.

The idea is that they slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving at unsafe speeds. The speed limit for this stretch of road is 30mph.

Two speed indication displays were installed in a similar location last summer for a few weeks. We’ll report back anything we hear about the data collected.

Background information about Manchester Road speed signs

Manchester Road speed signs return
The electronic speed signs on Manchester Road have returned

Boy taken to hospital after accident on Darwin Lane

As children left the local schools at home time on Wednesday 19 January, a boy was hit by a bus travelling down Darwin Lane.

After receiving emergency treatment from paramedics for a head injury, the boy was taken to hospital as a matter of caution. We wish him a speedy recovery.

The photos below were taken sometime after the accident at approximately 4.40pm on Wednesday.

Darwin Lane cordoned off following Wednesday's accident
Darwin Lane cordoned off following Wednesday's accident
Police attend the scene of the accident on Darwin Lane
Police attend the scene of the accident on Darwin Lane

Sandygate Road pedestrian crossing plea rejected

A request to install traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing at the Sandygate Road/Coldwell Lane/Carsick Hill Road junction is set to be rejected by Sheffield City Council.

Highways officers investigated the feasibility of a scheme but concluded that there were other sites in the South West Community Assembly area with a higher number of accidents where money would be better spent.

If you are interested in hearing more about the report then it is due to be discussed at the assembly meeting on Monday at Wesley Methodist Church in Crookes.

Sandygate Road, Coldwell Lane and Carsick Hill Road junction
Sandygate Road, Coldwell Lane and Carsick Hill Road junction

Convenience store grounds of appeal information published

The grounds of appeal for Lydgate Lane convenience store planning application 10/02657/FUL have now been published on the Sheffield City Council website. You can download a PDF of it here:

Grounds of appeal document for 10/02657/FUL (PDF, 584KB)

The detail is in the document. If you read it you will see that the appeal:

  • challenges the council to demonstrate that the extension would cause any detriment to pedestrian or traffic safety and the free flow of traffic
  • will show that the perceived level of harm is not so great as to warrant the refusal of the development in terms of:
    1 – the need for further car parking in a local centre and whether the lack of off-street parking will lead to an increase in street parking in the immediate locality to the detriment of road users
    2 – whether the development can provide adequate on-site servicing arrangements

If you have a view on the appeal then please submit your comments using one of the methods below before 26 January 2011:

  • online at In the case reference box, insert the number 2140979
  • by emailing, quoting Planning Inspectorate Reference APP/J4423
  • in writing by post, quoting Planning Inspectorate Reference APP/J4423/A/10/2140979/NWF and enclosing three copies of your letter. The address is: Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/18A, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

Care for the vulnerable and isolated in bad weather

During the current severe weather people are being asked to pay particular attention to the needs of vulnerable or isolated people.

For some, just going out to the shops, doctors or to see family and friends can become very difficult – and dangerous. Being stuck indoors for days on end can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

So do take a minute or two to knock at your elderly neighbour’s door to say hello, check that they are OK and have the things they need, as this could really make a huge difference. If nothing else, it can help to prove to people that they are not forgotten.

If you continue to have concerns about someone, please don’t hesitate to telephone our Local Action Crisis Team on 0114 273 5822.

Illustrating some of the problems that people are having, the Sheffield Star reports that the Yorkshire Ambulance Service had to call in an Edale Mountain Rescue Land Rover to collect an elderly injured man in Crosspool when an ambulance got stuck.

Crosspool in the snow, December 2010
Remember to keep an eye on the vulnerable, elderly or isolated during the snowy conditions

Sandygate Road hit and run: did you witness it?

A Crosspool resident has been in touch to appeal for information regarding a hit and run incident on Sandygate Road that left him in hospital and his bicycle seriously damaged.

On the evening of 18 November 2010 at about 6:35pm, James Huntingdon of St Francis Close was knocked off his bike at the Sandygate Road/Coldwell Lane/Carsick Hill Road junction.

He had turned right from Carsick Hill Road and was travelling on Sandygate Road towards Crosspool when a silver Toyota Celica pulled out of Coldwell Lane and collided with the cyclist’s left side.

Although James was taken to hospital, thankfully his injuries aren’t too serious. However, his bike was damaged – leaving him with a large repair bill – and the police have not yet managed to trace the driver.

Did you see the accident? Or do know anyone with a silver Toyota Celica that has recently had damage to the front of the car?

If so, you can help James by contacting the police on 0114 220 202, referencing incident number 829/18 November.

James Huntingdon of St Francis Close
James Huntingdon of St Francis Close on the Sandygate Road junction where the accident happened

Snow arrives in Crosspool

This week has seen the first snow fall of the season in Crosspool.

After a light dusting on Wednesday night, around an inch of snow was awaiting residents this morning.

At 9am, the main road through the precinct and Manchester Road were clear. Less major roads in the neighbourhood were still coated in snow so until it melts, be careful if you are heading out.

The first snow of the season fell this week in Crosspool
The first snow of the season fell this week in Crosspool: the precinct at 9am this morning

Crosspool police box open on Saturday 20 November

This Saturday 20 November between 10am and 12 noon the Crosspool police box on Lydgate Lane will be open to allow residents to raise issues either with the police or possibly a councillor.

The police are currently investigating the anti-social behavior of a small number of students in the precinct at lunchtime. Drug dealing is also becoming a concern, and the police would welcome any information that you may have.

You can contact PC Louise Atha by emailing

The Lydgate Lane police box is at the top of the hill, near Tapton Hill transmitter.

Lydgate Lane police box
Lydgate Lane police box


High winds cause traffic light damage in Crosspool

Last night’s wind and rain have damaged a set of traffic lights in Crosspool.

Gusts of upto 80mph left part of a traffic light casing hanging by a wire at the busy Manchester Road crossing near local schools.

Despite the damage, it appears that the lights are still operational and an engineer was on hand to begin repairs at around 8am this morning.

Did the bad weather cause any damage elsewhere in Crosspool? If you spot anything, comment below or let us know.

Damaged traffic lights on Manchester Road
Hanging by a thread: damaged traffic lights on Manchester Road