Crosspool characters: Philip James

Here’s a Q&A with Crosspool butcher Philip James from the most recent edition of the Crosspool Clarion. Don’t miss the video above of Philip getting his legs waxed for charity!

How long have you been in Crosspool?

We are in our 18th year. We opened the shop in the precinct in May 2000.

What do you like about the Crossppol area?

It feels like a village community and has a really nice little shopping centre. The people are lovely and we have some loyal customers who have been with us since we opened.

What are your top sellers at the moment?

Our top sellers at the moment are beef mince, chicken fillets and our homemade sausages.

What are your plans for the future?

We are a family-run business with several generations involved in the running of it, so eventually I would like to hand over the business to the next generation of the family. We are still keen to support local events such as the festival and summer fayre and we like to get involved in local community fundraising where we can.

What do you think people should buy local?

We think people should buy local as all our meat is sourced locally within 20 miles, for example lamb from Bakewell and pork from near Doncaster. This means we can provide locally-sourced meats which have traceability and customers know they are getting good quality products. We can also give customers advice on the best cuts and cooking of produce and we provide a free delivery service if required.

Video: Crosspool butcher gets his legs waxed in the precinct

Crosspool butcher Philip James had his legs waxed outside his shop this morning to raise money for children with type one diabetes.

Local residents queued up to sponsor Philip in return for the opportunity to remove a wax strip from his legs.

Crosspool butcher Philip James getting his legs waxed for charity
Crosspool butcher Philip James getting his legs waxed for charity

Over £8,000 has been raised so far with the help of the Crosspool community. You can donate money to the cause by visiting

No one is sure what causes type one diabetes, but a virus that mainly affects children is believed to be the most likely cause and Crosspool community has been very supportive in raising funds for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Find out more about type one diabetes and the ongoing fundraising at