51 bus route could change as part of university improvements

51 bus
The 51 bus could be rerouted as part of the University of Sheffield’s Campus Masterplan

Proposed improvements to the University of Sheffield campus could see the city-bound 51 bus rerouted from Western Bank/Mappin Street to Glossop Road via Clarkson Street and Durham Road.

The change would allow for the pedestrianisation of part of Leavygreave Road and a possible one-way circulatory system to be put in place using Western Bank for outbound and Glossop Road for inbound traffic.

Other ideas that are part of the new proposals include installing pedestrian crossings on Western Bank and improving Mappin Street.

The University is asking for residents to feed back on the masterplan at upcoming events or using their online form.

Campus Masterplan for the University of Sheffield

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Poll: would you like additional recycling facilities for plastics in Crosspool?

Plastics recycling bin
Would you like additional recycling facilities for plastics in Crosspool?

With the current system, the only plastics that you can recycle in Crosspool are plastic bottles. This can be done via your blue box/blue bin.

If you want to recycle other types plastic then the nearest sites are a drive away on Old Fulwood Road in Fulwood and in the University of Sheffield’s Endcliffe Crescent Flats complex.

Crosspool Forum is exploring the suggestion of having a plastics recycling bin in Crosspool. If the idea is popular then this is something we’ll raise with our local councillors.

Please can you take a minute to vote using the poll below to help gauge interest in a plastics recycling bin for Crosspool?

Sheffield students hitch hike through Crosspool

Sheffield students hitch hiking through Crosspool yesterday
Sheffield students hitch hiking through Crosspool yesterday

You might have seen people dressed up and hitching for lifts yesterday in Crosspool.

It was students from the University of Sheffield, who were raising money for charity by hitching lifts all the way to Glasgow. Their route took them via Manchester Road.