Video: Police vs Fire tug-o’-war at Crosspool Summer Fayre

Summer Fayre, Crosspool Festival 2011
Fire and police officers at Crosspool Festival Summer Fayre

Teams from the local fire brigade and police force were at Saturday’s Summer Fayre, talking to residents about the work they do and allowing children to explore their vehicles.

A tug-o’-war rope had been set up and after watching some the public enjoy a challenge for fun, officers from South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue agreed to take each other on.

Watch a video of the duel below to find out which team ended up on the floor and just how much extra help the winners enlisted!

You can also see a film of local families enjoying a tug-o’-war challenge.

Crosspool Festival Summer Fayre – video and photos

Yesterday hundreds of Crosspool residents turned out in the sunshine for our annual Summer Fayre on the Coldwell Lane CDYST sports field.

You can watch the video and view the photos below to catch a flavour of the day.

Look out for more videos from the festival this week, including dancing from the Street Market and the historic tug-o’-war between South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue!

Crosspool explosion and fire: background information and pictures

We’ve been finding out a bit more information about Thursday’s explosion and fire in the flat above the chemist in the Crosspool shopping precinct.

The exact cause of how the fire started just after 9:05am is not known. The tenant suspects that it was probably sparked by an electrical fault.

Nicky, Pharmacist at the Crosspool (Greencross) Chemist said, “We realised there was a problem when we heard two loud bangs from the apartment above. the tenant and myself battled the fire with extinguishers in an attempt to quell the flames, but soon realised that the fire was too fierce.”

Passer-by Patrick Scott, caretaker at Lydgate School, encouraged Nicky and the tenant to leave the premises and call the fire brigade. Thankfully no-one sustained serious injuries.

The first indication for shoppers in the precinct that there was something wrong, was when black smoke was seen billowing from the rear of the apartment at around 9:15am, and the swift arrival of two fire engines.

Fire fighters soon had the fire under control, and the building was declared safe, with the chemist shop reopening later that morning.

Other than smoke damage to the flat and the chemist below sustaining minor water damage, the majority of damage, largely as a result of the tenant’s presence of mind to close interior doors, was confined to the apartment’s lounge and its contents.

Flat above chemist with open windows
Flat above chemist with open windows
Chemist and fire engine in precinct
Chemist and fire engine in precinct
Fire fighters
Fire fighters
Fire engine in precinct
Fire engine in precinct
Fire engine on Selbourne Road
Fire engine on Selbourne Road


Fire in property near Shore Lane/Manchester Road

A fire in a property on the edge of Crosspool is currently being attended to by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (9pm, 13 September 2010).

Fire crews were alerted around 5pm when plumes of smoke were seen coming from the roof of a derelict house within the grounds of Sheffield University’s Ranmoor Village accommodation.

Building work was taking place on the property, which is near to the modern Shore Court accommodation block and is located between Shore Lane and Manchester Road.

The smoke drifted as least as far as the Arts Tower and was visible from other vantage points across the city.

Information available this evening has been limited, but it is not thought that anyone has been hurt in the incident. The cause of the fire is unknown.

At around 7.15pm, National Grid engineers arrived to isolate the gas supply to the property from Manchester Road. This work will not affect gas supplies to nearby houses.

As of 9pm this evening, the bottom end of Shore Lane was closed and police were directing cars away from the top end of the road. Manchester Road is open as normal.

Update 17 September: The fire brigade has confirmed that nobody was hurt in the fire and it is not being treated as suspicious.

BBC news story about the incident

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue report and photos on Facebook

Photo of smoke taken from across the city

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Approximate location of fire
Approximate location of fire