New meaning to ‘snail mail’ for Crosspool historian

Crosspool historian Joe Castle
Crosspool historian Joe Castle

When Crosspool historian Joe Castle, 90, received a parcel of documents through the post he was shocked to find them nibbled around the edges.

A letter from Royal Mail was inside the parcel, explaining that despite putting slug pellets inside their boxes, snails had climbed inside the letterbox and munched away at his package.

Joe said: “I find it all a  little bit comical. Although a bit nibbled around the edges the documents weren’t too badly damaged. I think you’ll agree that it gives a whole new meaning to snail mail.”

The letter from Royal Mail explained: “I am sorry that the enclosed letter has been damaged and subsequently delayed. The item was found during a scheduled collection from a post box and had been damaged by snails. Unfortunately, despite regular cleaning and placing slug pellets in the boxes, we find that slugs and snails still occasionally manage to creep into the apertures, fall down into the box and start eating the glue on the stamps and envelopes.”

The statement went on to apologise for the unusual tampering and delay to Joe’s letter.