Waxwings descend on Crosspool

Waxwings in Crosspool © Kim Redgrave
Waxwings eating berries on Tapton playing field, Crosspool © Kim Redgrave

Have you noticed the influx of waxwings in the area? This great photo from by Kim Redgrave shows a pair of them eating berries from rowan trees on Tapton playing field last weekend.

Sheffield Bird Study Group explained that Crosspool usually attracts waxwings due to the large amount of rowen berries on Manchester Road. Photographer Kim also suggested that the berries in Scandanavia may have failed because of weather so they’ve come further south this year.

The RSPB estimates on their website that the number of individual waxwing birds usually present in the UK between October and March could be as low as 100.

However, this ITV News report says that over 2,000 of the birds have arrived from Scandinavia this month.