CDYST playground reopens with new camel ride

New camel ride at CDYST
New camel ride at CDYST

A new camel ride and safety surfacing has been installed in the under 12s playground at Crosspool & District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane.

Secretary and trustee Gillian Drinkwater said: “Thank you to everyone who contributed to our funds to make this possible.

“Now the warmer weather and lighter evenings are here may we ask parents to ensure their football-mad youngsters do not use the hall walls for practising against? Sadly the permanent goal  posts had to be removed, but that does not mean the wall is a suitable alternative as this causes great distress to users inside, and children doing this and refusing to stop  have  been reported to the police.”



New ride and surfacing for CDYST

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

The trustees of Crosspool & District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane have asked us to pass on that news the children’s playground is out of use for a few days.

This is because the old safety tiles are being replaced by modern wet-pour safety surfacing – plus there’ll be a new spring ride!

The improvements should be all completed by the end of next week.