Local elections and AV vote in Crosspool this Thursday

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool

Local residents will be voting in the local council elections and Alternative Vote referendum on Thursday.

For the local elections Crosspool lies in the Crookes ward, where there are four candidates standing:

If any candidates read this, it would be great if they could comment below to sum up why Crosspool residents should vote for them.

The electorate will also be deciding whether to vote for or against a change from First Past The Post to the Alternative Vote polling system for future general elections.

Some residents will be moving polling station from Stephen Hill church on Benty Lane to Hallam FC’s ground on Sandygate Road.

Full details of where you should vote will be printed on your polling card. If you haven’t received your polling card by the election date you can still vote in person at your local polling station. You will need to take some form of ID with you.

Polling stations map

Sheffield local elections May 2011