Successful day trip to the zoo for Crosspool youngsters

Zoo trip
Zoo trip

Crosspool Forum would like to say a big thank you to all at FirstBus for providing a first class coach for our trip to Chester Zoo.

FirstBus’s attention to keeping us well informed and the timekeeping of our driver Jed, who was very caring and patient, helped make the journey to and from the zoo a very memorable experience and an enjoyable occasion for the younger members of the Crosspool community.

Although being excited on the outward journey, the children were very well behaved, attentive and markedly, answering the animal quiz questions correctly.

Far from being tired on the journey home, after such an exciting and memorable day and despite being delayed for over an hour at Mottram, the children sang, played games and having had an exhausting but wonderful day, remained cheerful right up to our arrival back into Crosspool at just after 9pm.

The feedback from the twenty seven children and twenty six parents was extremely positive. All in all a very educational and worthwhile day out!

Here’s an account of the day from Lyla Dolini, age 7:

We met really early and I was so excited to go on a coach. The coach was really fun and I sat next to Erin and we watched programmes on my iPad.

Everyone who went to Chester Zoo was very surprised to see how big the zoo was. My favourite animals were elephants, monkeys, giraffes, bears, snakes, penguins and zebras. The giraffes were called Lillia, Dasher, Amelia (who was a baby) and Petal. Amelia was cute, but still very tall compared to me!

When at 4 o’clock we were finished at the zoo, we went to a hotel for dinner. The dinner was yummy and when everyone was finished we all went out into the field in the grounds of the hotel to play tig!

On the way home my little sister Anna fell asleep and we got stuck in a traffic jam, but it was ok as I was sitting next to Erin again.

The whole day was brilliant, thanks to the Crosspool Forum and FirstBus!