Spate of break-ins reported in Crosspool

Over recent days there have been reports from Crosspool residents of various break-ins in the neighbourhood.

Ringstead Crescent seems to be one of the targeted streets, with a bicycle, power tools and alcohol all stolen.

Be vigilant – and if you see anything suspicious, you can contact the police by ringing 101.

Residents urged to be vigilant after reports of Crosspool burglaries

Volunteers from a local neighbourhood watch scheme are warning Crosspool residents to be extra vigilant after a spate of break-ins over the last few days.

There were reports of burglaries on Den Bank Close and others in the Stephen Hill area, all taking place between 1pm and 3pm.

Dransfield Road Neighbourhood Watch is suggesting residents check their homes and vehicles are secure and work with their neighbours to stay safe.

If you see anything suspicious, call 101. If you see a crime taking place, call 999.

Break-ins and burglaries: a reminder from the police to be vigilant

Over recent days one or two cars have been broken into and houses burgled in the neighbourhood.

The police are reminding us all not to leave items on show in our car and to keep car keys out of sight. They advise to keep your home and gardens as secure as possible and if you have outside lighting or alarms be sure to use them.

If you see anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to contact the police by ringing 101.