Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting/AGM, Thursday 27 October 2011

Open Meeting/AGM at St Columba's
Open Meeting/AGM at St Columba's

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Chairman’s report for the year (Ian Hague)

  1. Planning – Turner Investments application for enlarging Motorworld was declined.
  2. The Crosspool Clarion is still very successful – reaching over 2500 houses, & is self-funding.
  3. Crosspool.info webpage has become very popular.
  4. Computer courses – St Columbas Fri – go from strength to strength.A new course will start in Jan 2012 – names to Ian.
  5. SWCA meeting – next one Wesley Hall, Crookes, Dec 15th. Council Cabinet Members will be available from 5.45-6.45 for questions.
  6. Community skip today – successful
  7. The usual car boot sales, Crosspool Festival & Summer Fayre, Christmas trees & floral displays – winning Silver again!- & daffs & crocus planting on the verges. The Christmas trees will go up in early December – helpers please (keep an eye on web site for date).
  8. The Forum continues to look after Hagg Copse.
  9. Stephen Hill/Benty Lane junction still on the agenda – hope to have a report in the next Open Meeting.
  10. Council grant for 20 Union flags & poles – to decorate the precinct in time for the 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Olympic games.

Treasurer’s Report (Chris Batchelor)

Our bank account remains healthy– but this is because the grant for the flags has yet to be spent, and next years’ summer flowers will need to be paid for.

Crosspool Festival

This will start on 7th July with Crosspool Open Gardens, and end with the Summer Fayre on Sat 14th, & Open Air service on Sun 15th. The Festival Committee would like some more helpers – please contact Rev Frances Eccleston or Ian.

Police Report (Pc Louise Atha & Pc Dave Hall)

  1. Allotment break-ins – especially to the society’s hut & container, from which several hundreds of pounds were taken, & a lot of mess caused. Residents were urged to post the serial numbers of eg lawnmowers and similar equipment on the website www.immobilize.com so stolen items can be traced back to them. Operation Herbaceous is in place to try to stop this.
  2. Scrap metal & lead nicking; Operation Anchor has been targeting & stopping suspicious vehicles in Dore & Totley (19) and Bramall Lane & Ecclesall Rd (34) – & prosecuting those with unroadworthy vans or no waste carrying licences.
  3. Car crime; there have been some break-ins to vehicles on Crookes/Crookesmoor. Residents were urged not to leave satnav cradles on display.
  4. Operation Dark Nights is about to begin for Halloween & Bonfire Night, & shops being checked to ensure no underage sale of alcohol or fireworks is taking place.

Questions were taken on verge bollard use, bad parking on Manchester rd & the proposed closure of Manchester road round Stephen Hill, Delph Hse Rd & Selborne Rd for resurfacing.

Councillors’ Question time (Sylvia Anginotti, Brian Holmes & Geoff Smith)

Councillors answered questions such as a query on attic extension building and trespass by a neighbour, bus timetabling & the new Optio scheme (voluntary partnership agreement between Stagecoach & First – nos. 120 & 52 buses), and why the 51 never seems to come on time!

Residents were asked to keep details of timetabling failures & send them on to Ian Hague, or direct by phone to Pam Horner (SYPTE External Relationships Manager – 0114 2211452).

There were concerns over poor bus lane signage (Ripley St), silly bus lane sections (Mushroom Lane head), and why the 120 stop in town is Flat St & not the Interchange. The Vernon Tce bus shelter issue was raised again – & Cllr Anginotti suggested an online petition direct to Council about this.

Residents asked whether the post box could be moved from outside Craft Angels to a less congested spot in the shopping precinct, but this has been requested before & Royal Mail say they can not do so.

There was also a request to have the word ‘SLOW’ painted at the bottom of Sandygate Rd hill, where drivers come round the bend to the zebra crossing.


  1. A special limited edition of Crosspool cards is available from Craft Angels – £2.50 per pack.
  2. There will be a Christmas Disco at St Columba’s on 4th Dec; tickets from the Crosspool Pet Shop. Father Christmas will be there!
  3. The Sheffield to Castleton & Bakewell bus (operated by Derbyshire County Council) that runs along Manchester rd is to change to number 273/4/5.
  4. Ian Hague is hoping to get funding for an over-60s trip …. music will be involved!
  5. Green Garden Waste bags; remember the last collection will be the week starting 31st Oct. A report on all aspects of waste collection throughout the city is expected, so until this is published there will be no green waste collections.
  6. The Rivelin Valley Conservation Group has been given a Lifetime Achievement Award (collected by Graham Appleby & Keith Kendall).

The next Open Meeting will be Thursday, 26 January 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

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Minutes from Crosspool Forum seventh AGM and Open Meeting, 28 October 2010

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting. Extended minutes can also be downloaded.

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Matters arising and Chairman’s report

  1. Second computer course (St Columba’s) very successful
  2. More spring bulbs have been planted. Christmas trees are expected to be erected in early December.
  3. Crosspool Forum website has really taken off – thank you to Robin Byles
  4. Another successful Summer Fayre and first-time Crosspool Festival; both are planned to continue next year – helpers and ideas please
  5. The Crosspool Harvest scheme has had some set backs but hopes to rally
  6. The Motor World site (Turner Investments) – planning officer recommends refusal
  7. The Forum Committee still has a vacancy for one more member.
  8. Treasurer’s Report and balance sheet was presented.
  9. Police report and incidents -PCSO Garry Hizam
  10. Graffiti artists have been making reparation – ‘restorative justice’
  11. The week beginning 1 November the police will be cracking-down on school childrens’ behaviour in the Crosspool shops area
  12. Operation Dark Night from 31 October to 5 November will target disruptive behaviour.

Environmental Enforcement Officer (Sheffield City Council) – Andrew Ashforth

  1. Crosspool shops and business correct waste-disposal project. All businesses must have special arrangements for the removal of their non-domestic waste, and ensure the rear of their property is kept clean and tidy, as well as the front.
  2. Scrap collecting vehicles – in four days Andrew has stopped and searched 6 of these. Householders (arranging for eg fridges to be removed) must ensure the company they deal with has the correct licence to do this work – or will be held liable of the item is then fly-tipped.
  3. Tyres are not to be put in skips – the skip companies will give advice on their disposal.
  4. Wheelie bins must be removed from the highway as soon as possible after emptying – residents can be fined if they persist in not doing so.
  5. Portable CCTV cameras – Sheffield City Council have a few available they can fix on lampposts to target fly-tipping sites.
  6. Nuisance bonfires on allotments to the rear of gardens; talk to the allotment association chair about getting all the allotment owners to have one big fire rather that lots of little ones, or composting the waste.
  7. Should residents wish to contact Andrew at the council, his telephone number is 0114 293 0347.

Garden Waste scheme (green bags)

This scheme is being phased out and shortly no more green bags will be available. After 8 November residents will need to phone up for the next date of full bag collection in this area, but from February 2011 a waxed/hessian bag scheme may be in place; these will be reuseable.

Anyone needing more green bags this autumn and winter – or indeed with far too many unused ones! – to contact the Clarion so these bags can be put to good use and not wasted.


  1. Vernon Terrace bus shelter – no further information.
  2. Crosspool Tavern old car park entrance – this should have been ‘greened over’ a year or so back – this will be chased up.
  3. Benty Lane/Manchester Road junction; an urgent Highways engineer’s visit is requested; a ‘no right turn’ onto Manchester Road sign, or mini roundabout is needed here.
  4. Crosspool Coffee Shop – an application to allow this to become a house has been accepted.

Download full AGM/Open Meeting 28 October 2010 minutes (Word document, 20KB)

PCSO Garry Hizam and Andrew Ashforth
PCSO Garry Hizam and Andrew Ashforth
Crosspool Forum AGM/Open Meeting
Crosspool Forum AGM/Open Meeting

Crosspool Forum seventh AGM and Open Meeting, 28 October 2010

You are invited to Crosspool Forum’s AGM and Open Meeting on Thursday night at St Columba’s Church. It starts at 7pm.

A provisional agenda is below. Come along to give your concerns on local issues to local councillors, the police and council officials.

Provisional agenda:Crosspool Forum seventh AGM and Open Meeting

28th October 2010, 7pm


  1. Chairs welcome
  2. Introduction of top table
  3. Apologies for absence
  4. Minutes of last meeting to be approved
  5. Matters arising
  6. Chairman’s report
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Election of Committee members
    No resignations or nomination received; nominations, four vacancies exist on the committee (15 members maximum)

Open Meeting

  1. Minutes of last meeting to be approved
  2. Matters arising
  3. Police Liaison
    In Louise’s absence, PCSO Garry Hizam will give an update on policing in the area
  4. Guest Speakers
    Andrew Ashforth (Environmental enforcement officer, guidance on how to keep within the law).
    Cllr. Brian Holmes (Community Assembly)
    Also hoping to attend, Carolyn Sleath (providing information on the BBC’s First Click Initiative locally)
    Other possible speakers: John Boyden (Community cohesion Manager)
    Andrew Revitt (Solicitor, Wills and Lasting  Powers of Attorney)
  5. Planning and Highways
    Bus shelter (Vernon Terrace)
    Grassing over of closed exit to Crosspool Tavern
    Benty Lane/Stephen Hill junction Questions and Answers with Councillors
  6. A.O.B

Download provisional agenda 28 Oct 2010 (Word document, 40KB)