Take Care

It was always anticipated that the spread of the Covid virus would intensify in the colder winter weather.

In response to the rising infection rates, following the arrival of the Omicron Variant in the UK, you now must wear a face-covering in most indoor public places, at large venues and events, and on public transport.

In the week up to November 26th, there were twenty- eight new cases in Sandygate and Crosspool; an infection rate of 444.2 per 100,000 people.


Please take care when visiting friends, relatives, and the vulnerable.

We must do what we can to protect everyone & our NHS:-
Face – Space – Vaccinate

Historic Crosspool Pub Set to be Demolished

Plough Inn

Last year the Plough Inn on Sandygate Road escaped demolition after plans to turn the site into eight new three-bedroom townhouses were refused by Sheffield Council.


Following an appeal this decision has now been overturned by the planning inspector, allowing the developers’ plans to go ahead. See full report in the “Sheffield Star”.

Carols in Crosspool


The Charisma shop in Crosspool,
Now Open Every Monday up to Christmas, has organised a Brass Quartet to play Christmas carols and festive tunes in the precinct between 11am and 1pm this Saturday 4th December.

Observing social distancing at all times, the musicians and Charisma would love you to take this opportunity to enjoy listening to your favourite Christmas Carols with them. 

If you would like a particular carol played please don’t hesitate to approach them with your request

The quartet is looking forward to bringing a bit of cheer to all you lovely people, who, by shopping locally, help keep Crosspool vibrant and inviting.


Christmas Fayre Cancelled

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust CHRISTMAS FAYRE sponsored by GRI Group is CANCELLED It is with a very heavy heart that we write this message. Today we experienced heavy snow that closed down the ability to even get to the farm safely. Even though the main roads are now cleared we have been assessing the farm hourly in the hope the snow would melt away and we could all come together for the fayre tomorrow and make it a great event, if only for one day! Actually getting the farm is now not a problem, but our site after receiving the heavy snow and such cold conditions today we feel is not safe enough to accommodate the event. Our fields are not suitable for car parking, nobody wants to be towed out by tractor (maybe the kids would) and parking large volumes of cars on the main road would cause major problems in the area. The whole site will no doubt be very icy tomorrow morning which would cause a problem not only for our traders reaching the barn to unload and set up but could cause health and safety issues for all our visitors. Even with all the grit and shovels we have we just couldn’t get the site to a satisfactory level in time. The safety of our visitors is of the utmost importance to us, and we want you to come and have a great experience with us at every event. We are devastated as the fayre is a crucial fundraising event for our charity, all funds raised would have supported our work with vulnerable children and young adults in the region. We know you will be disappointed with this news, but trust us we are majorly upset to be losing funds… all the hard work that has gone into this event by our team is heart-breaking, but if there is one thing we just can’t control, it is the British weather. Obviously, we will issue refunds, please bear with us while we process these over the next few days. If we require any additional information from you we will be in touch early next week. We hope you will join us for future events in 2022 and continue to support the vital work we do. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and we hope you will join us on the farm again soon.

Clough Fields

Clough Fields, a long-established public right of way, is under threat.

Clough Fields Riding Stables

The new owners of the Clough Fields riding stables are trying to stop people from using a 20-30metre farmyard stretch of the roadway that runs from Back Lane to the footpaths that continue on through the fields to St Anthony’s Road, Mulehouse Park, and into Crookes.
The new owners are not contesting either the roadway or paths leading up to the stable yard, just the 20 to 30metre stretch of roadway that goes through the farmyard.

For many years Clough Fields Farm, Sheffield S10 5PY, was a collection of dwellings on the established road that ran from Back Lane into the yard. (map location 53.384737 -1.521654) https://goo.gl/maps/3HrSHNf6cYYpWHdu6

The law is, that the general public have a right of access on private land if the land was used as a public right of way in the past and/or the land was accessed by the public for at least 20 years and nobody has asked for access to be stopped over this period.

If you use this route and wish to comment on its closure, you can download the “rights of way evidence form” from the council site by clicking on this link – https://tinyurl.com/cloughfields (In order to be admissible, they have to be hand-written).

Submit your completed formal application, “Rights of Way Evidence Form” to the Sheffield City Council or send it to Cllr. Ruth Milsom, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Sheffield S1 2HH, by early December.


Whirlow Hall Christmas Fayre

Whirlow Hall Farm Christmas Fayre

Whirlow Hall Farm Trust is so sorry, but due to the heavy snow overnight, their Christmas Fayre is unable to go ahead today Saturday27th.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking better so plan to go ahead for just one day, Sunday 28th November.

A further announcement will follow later.



The government now class mobile telephones as an essential service and consequently telecoms operators can apply for compulsory rights to install and keep apparatus on another person’s property. This allows them to install and maintain telephone equipment without the landowner’s consent.

Earlier this year the CDYST was approached by a mobile telephone mast installation company to erect a mast on our field for better phone reception in this area and informed us that they would exercise their rights if they needed to, which means legally we are obliged to comply.

The mast company has now put in a planning application to the Sheffield City Council for an installation on our field and the decision for this now rests with the planning department. Should you wish to view the plans / details or put your comments, objections, approvals in writing for the planning department to consider, this can be done by logging on the Sheffield City council planning website before the deadline. https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=R333C6NYH8100&activeTab=summary

As always our priority is to offer and maintain the CDYST facility for the enjoyment of the local community and build up trusting relationships with everyone which we work very hard at. We are obviously concerned that some members of the public are against mobile phone masts being erected and yet others would welcome it.
We have no influence in the installation of the mast which puts the CDYST into a position where we can only be neutral and hope that everyone understands our situation.

On behalf of the CDYST trustees 
Dave Bolsover


Would you like to join a Community Allotment?

“Hagg Lane Organic Allotments” (Plots 2 and 3, Back Lane, Sheffield, S10), is looking for four new members for their community allotment group.

If you enjoy gardening and growing organically or if you’re thinking of an allotment of your own, and would like to try gardening on an allotment scale first, why not pop down to see if you would like to join them. Currently they have ten adult members and seven children who regularly meet on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, at times to suit the individual.

There are two plots, imaginatively named Plots Two and Three.
Plot two; a large area, gardened by Richard Clare for many years, has benefited from his pioneering ideas regarding the use of leaf mould and organic growing.
In 2013, when Richard sadly passed away, the National Trust became involved in the development of the plot as part of a project aimed at encouraging local schools and communities to become involved in gardening and food production in urban areas.

Allotment Vegetables

With the support of volunteers the National Trust continued to garden the plot until they withdrew from the project some three years ago, when subsequently the “Hagg Lane Organic Allotments”, an independent group, took over the plot.
The plot has a mature orchard and soft fruit as well as vegetable beds; composting bins, a secure shed and a small poly-tunnel.

Plot three; which came under the groups care in 2021, also has soft fruit, a small orchard, and vines; composting bins, a secure shed and water tank.

Having some years of experience gardening, maintaining the health of the soil on the plots and sharing knowledge and skills, they have consequently all become better gardeners.

In previous years they have supplied surplus produce to the, S6 Foodbank, but due to Covid restrictions now support Food Works.

Membership is currently £40 per person per year. This covers rent, insurance tools etc.

If this friendly cooperative sounds something that you might be interested in, please contact Simon Martínez.  Email: simonmartinez1937@yahoo.com Tele: 07713 133 800. “Hagg Lane Organic Allotments”, Plots 2 and 3, Back Lane, Sheffield, S10

CDYST Phone-Mast

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from http://www.cdyst.co.uk

A new phone mast is proposed to be erected on CDYST land , Coldwell Lane.

Chair of the Crosspool District Youth Sports Trust has informed the Crosspool Forum that the CDYST is being compelled to accommodate a new (20 m high) Phone-Mast on their land. 

Under the new legislation, it has no say in the matter. However, planning permission will have to be given by Sheffield City Council, so people can comment on the idea in the usual way when it goes before the Planning Committee. This is scheduled to happen within the next few days.

 As soon as we have the link the Forum will bring it to the attention of the Crosspool community.