sheffield litter pickersThe odd shower didn’t deter the twenty-five volunteer Crosspool community litter pickers, including a team from our local Spar, from recovering eighteen full bags of litter from our local streets.

Taking centre stage this month, the hero of the day was 5 years old Daniel, who with the help of his mom, managed to bag the most litter. A big Thanks to all this month’s helpers

litter pick June
June 2019 Litter Pick

If you are interested in being part of future litter picks, turn up outside Archers Estate Agents in the Crosspool precinct at 10am on the First Saturday of the month. All bags and litter picking utensils will be provided.

For more information email: Anne.Murphy@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk




Lydgate Junior School – Rights Respecting School

As part of their work as a “Rights Respecting School”, each year they launch a campaign to raise awareness about one particular issue.  In 2017 they campaigned to make the crossing outside their school safer and in 2018 they took part in the ‘Make Schools Safe’ campaign.Picture1

This year, their campaign aims to reduce the use of single use plastic in their school, their homes, in the local community and in their city. They are aiming to become a Plastic Clever School.

To learn more about becoming a Plastic Clever School visit the site set up by 2 inspirational young people; Kids Against Plastic. http://www.kidsagainstplastic.co.uk/

On Thursday May 23rd they are going on an awareness raising march through their local shops in Crosspool. The whole school will be marching together, carrying posters and banners to show their commitment to their campaign.

In addition to the march, all the children across the whole school have written letters to a wide variety of people asking for their support and urging them to consider their own use of plastics.


Help Us to Keep Sheffield Stainless.
If you would like to be part of galvanising our previous success of Helping to Keep Our Neighbourhood Clean, be outside Archers Estate Agents, Crosspool Shopping Precinct, this Saturday 6th April 2019 10am.sheffield litter pickers
For more information email: ammurphy124572@gmail.com

Community Litter Pick a Huge Success

Through the help and hard work of volunteers, at this morning’s Crosspool Community Litter Pick, 17 bagsful of litter and rubbish were removed from the highways and byways of our Neighbourhood.

sheffield litter pickerspickers bags
To help ensure that our neighbourhood remains healthy and clean, join the volunteers at the next Crosspool Community Litter Pick, Saturday 6th April 2019, 10am outside Archers Estate Agents, Crosspool Shopping Precinct,


sheffield litter pickers

Help To Keep Our Neighbourhood Clean.

Spring into action and be part of; Help Us To Keep Sheffield Stainless!
Outside Archers Estate Agents, Crosspool Shopping Precinct,
This Saturday 2nd March 2019 10am

For more information email: ammurphy124572@gmail.com

Disruption to black bin collections on Monday

An update from Sheffield City Council:

If your black bin is due for collection on Monday please put it out on Saturday 22 October instead (before 7am).

On Monday there is a one-day strike by some staff at our contractor Veolia Sheffield which means black bins won’t be collected. Please place recycling blue bins / boxes and green bins out as normal, however some may be collected later in the week.

All Household Waste Recycling Centres will remain open and collections should return to normal on Tuesday.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience and will collect a small amount of side waste when we catch up on your black bins on Saturday 22 October.

We will provide service updates on our website at www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield and via Twitter @Recycle4Shef and @SheffCouncil.

For further information please call 0114 273 4567, 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Crosspool Community skip on Tuesday 10 May from 8am

Hallam Community Skip
Community Skip

You’re invited to come and leave your household waste in the Crosspool Community Skip on Tuesday 10 May 2016. It’ll be in the The Sportsman car park on Benty Lane from 8am (not 7am as previously published) and will be picked up promptly at 11:30am.

Please note, the skip is for household waste only. The following items will not be accepted:

  • fridges
  • freezers
  • gas bottles
  • asbestos
  • oil
  • car batteries
  • tyres
  • TVs
  • computers

The skip will be supervised at all times.

Free skip on Saturday 5 April 2014

Hallam Community Skip
The next Crosspool Community Skip is on Saturday 5 April 2014

You are invited to come and leave your household waste in the Crosspool Community Skip for free on Saturday 5 April 2014. It will be in the car park of The Sportsman pub on Benty Lane from 8am and will be picked up promptly at 12:30pm 11.30am.

Please note, the skip is for household waste only. The following items will not be accepted:

  • fridges
  • freezers
  • gas bottles
  • asbestos
  • oil
  • car batteries
  • tyres
  • TVs
  • computers

The skip will be supervised at all times.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting you can also download a PDF copy (53K).

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Cllrs Geoff Smith & Rob Frost, Police, 20 Crosspool residents & 9 members of the Forum Management Committee attended. No Guest speakers.


2011 Minutes adopted as a true record
Matters arising – none.

Chairman’s report

(Ian Hague). The Forum is in its 10 year & has made positive progress, still publishing the Clarion & very popular website. Acting as a voice for the local residents & continuing to have excellent relations with the Council, police etc. The usual Christmas trees were erected. & then Jubilee flags 8 bunting for the summer, floral displays, days out to (Stratford upon Avon), (BBC Salford Quays). Computer courses, Children’s Christmas disco, car boot sales. Crosspool Festival Week & Summer Fayre, Helpers and ideas to Ian please!

Treasurer’s report

(Chris Batchelor). Again a health end of year bank balance. (but as usual one bill still to come in – summer planters).

Nominations, resignations and election of committee members

Chris Batchelor (Treasurer) has resigned, & Marika Szabo (Hagg Copse & the Orchard). Anyone interested in joining the Management Committee to contact Ian or any member. A mandate was given to Ian & the committee to choose a new treasurer.

Open meeting

26th July minutes adopted as a true record

1) Cllr Smith gave explanation on previous questions.  2) 51 bus route

Police report

PC Louise Atha:

  1. Burglaries, although not a major problem at the moment residents were urged to keep their doors & lower windows locked at all times.
  2. Under-age alcohol (&soon, firework) purchase. Of 24 shops tested one was breaking the law by selling to under-age children.
  3. Operation Dark Nights starting soon- Halloween & Bonfire Night
  4. The Broomhill SNA have the lowest statistics for anti-social behaviour in the city! S/A drink-drive campaign will start again on 1st Dec.

Councillors questions and answers

  1. Election for a Police Commissioner (15th Nov). Both Geoff Smith & Rob Frost did not agree with the need for this extra role, but urged people to use their vote. Full information on the candidates may not come through the door (lack of volunteers) but can be found on the BBC websites.
  2. HGV vehicles in the Hagg Hill/Stephen Hill areas, Lorries are still following their satnavs & trying to use these routes. Better signage was requested.
  3. A57 roadwork’s progress? the new relationship with Amey is proving difficult for residents to access information about highways issues. Queries through the SWCA please
  4. Broomhill library? The financial details about the proposed move to Ashdell Rd are still under discussion.
  5. No.51 buses? First Bus is putting more resources into this route from next week with additional buses. Residents were asked to keep a note of any issues & pass these to the Councillors,


The Precinct Christmas Trees will go up again, & a Children’s Disco has been arranged for Sunday 2nd December. Well attended Computer courses to continue in Jan 2013. Crosspool Festival Week expected to start on 29th June 2013..

Centenary Celebrations are in hand for 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of Tapton Congregational Church & the first bus route in Sheffield Jan 1913, the No. 51. A suggested 2014 Crosspool Calendar – ideas/help please?!


  1. Broomhill – new Costa coffee shop opening on the ‘Cream site
  2. Hagg Copse expected to be put back to its original state in the spring, after the building work
  3. Road Show at Wesley Hall (31st Oct) – theme active ageing.

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 25 October 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012 (PDF, 53KB)

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting you can also download a PDF copy (74KB).

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012

25 Crosspool residents, Cllr Geoff Smith, and 7 members of the Forum Management Committee attended. A  guest gave a  presentations :.

Matters arising

from April meeting –  none.

Police report

PCSOs Phil Whitaker & Tony Hizam. (for  Louise);

  1. Fire incident, Tapton School, caretakers’ lodge.
  2. Watt Lane burglaries – thieves targeting houses with Audis & BMWs, to get the car keys.
  3. Car air bag thefts (so the steering wheel is taken as well) – again same make of car. Residents are advised to cover the wheel with a disc lock. Available at cost from Ecclesfield Police Station (321 The Common, A6135) or motoring shops.
  4. Tavern Garage complaints; the service station appears to be exceeding its working hours & overlapping the pavement & highway – dangerous equipment such as a hoist used too close to pedestrians. Cllr Smith will liaise with PC Atha & the Council about this.
  5. Ongoing & new police ‘ops’ – Crosspool & Fulwood anti-burglary & car crime; and next week the start of a force-wide scrap metal collecting van operation.

Letter from Deputy PM Nick Clegg and responses

After a recent Meeting at Hallam Football Ground Ian Hague presented Mrr Clegg with some pertinent local questions. Emailed responses having been received, these are as follows:

  1. Government policy on school catchment areas? Sadly the higher number of Lydgate Primary School catchment children this September than the places physically available has meant 48 children will not get their first choice. (In 2013 there appear to be far fewer children of this age range, but from ’14 on the problem may arise again).
  2. Local roads – shocking state of; Cllr Smith said any immediate concerns (potholes etc.) are still to go to Streetforce.
    The PFI Highways initiative will not start until later this year and will, after liaison with the utilities in any given area, be operationally-driven.
    The first 5 years  will cover bringing the Sheffield highways network up to standard; pavements, street lighting, road reconstruction & tree management etc., cost 2billion (£800million (Council) & £1.2 billion (Government), & be followed by continued maintenance throughout the remaining 20 years of the contract . Residents will be able to a certain extent suggest replacement trees for any removed as causing obstructions. We must accept this will be “incredibly disruptive” to the city.
  3. Public Transport – getting people back on the buses! Some £56 million is going into local transport, & there will be new low-carbon buses – but not necessarily on the no. 51 route. In Oct the route will change slightly (avoiding Mappin St) & First Buses has pledged to have more buses & drivers available to match the timetable. It is known there are 6 Crookes buses, & 3 Fulwood ones, to every Crosspool/Lodge moor no. 51.
  4. Historic buildings? Jeremy Hunt (Culture Secretary)replied to Mr Clegg & Cllr Rob Frost but just said although he has a duty to compile a list of buildings of special architectural or historical value, this did not necessarily prevent their alteration or demolition. ( There appears to be nothing more to be said about Moor View Farm, Manchester Rd,  at the moment).
  5. Monopolies Commission & a new Sainsbury’s at Broomhill? A question as raised as to why Sainsbury is apparently being granted permission to build another store here.
  6. Vernon Tce bus shelter – as the site is too narrow this can never go ahead.

Councillors and SWCA report

Geoff Smith was asked to look into why Veolia will only accept card payments for the purchase of green waste bagsthis year.

The ‘20s Plenty’ scheme has decided to designate the ‘Steel Bank area (Crookes, Commonside, Walkley) for the signage to make it a 20 zone, though this may take a year to implement.


Crosspool Festival Week – Rev France Eccleston said this had been very successful – & we had two dry weekends!-  Some £1524 was raised for the Ryegate Child centre Fund. Residents were asked to contact the committee if they wish to help nest year – the Open Gardens scheme will need a new organizer.

The Summer Fayre;  Ian Hague said  thiswent well – £726 was made, all to go back to the community. The Union flags in the precinct have proved very popular –  these were erected for the Jubilee and will stay up until the Olympics are over.

The Car Boot Sale was a wash-out this June, but it is hoped another can be held in September.

Disco – after the success of the Christmas one Ian is hoping to hold another.

Computer course; this has proved very popular again; Ian expects to hold more in Sep 2012 – names to him please. There will be a beginners’ course, advanced (internet) course, & possibly desk top publishing course.

Guest speaker

Kate Hill telling us about FunMeFit
Kate Hill telling us about FunMeFit

Kate Hill gave a presentation about her website – FunMeFit – a portal for the whole of Sheffield to get active, &  to share their activities on. She hopes to run a Fun Day on 16th Sep at Hallam Cricket Club to fund-raise for this.


  1. The Crosspool bench (outside Guidos & by the bus shelter) is broken and badly needs repair; Tammy Barrass (SWCA) agreed to see if this could be  done .
  2. Manchester Rd roadworks (beyond Valleyside Garden Centre).  There have been chicanes & traffic lights for some weeks.but work is due to end by October.

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 25th October 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Download minutes from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012 (PDF, 74KB)